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Coronavirus OPINION: ‘Stop blaming young people for the spike in cases’

The government is sending out mixed messages

Entertainment Daily’s Associate Editor, Becky Carter, 22, is sick of young people being lumped into one and blamed for the recent spike in coronavirus cases…

“Coronavirus has made the last six months extremely difficult for everybody across the country.

Not being able to see my grandparents, my boyfriend, not being able to leave the house at certain times and unable to socialise with my friends has been so hard.

But, of course, like many others I adapted to the changes because I wanted to keep my loved ones safe.

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Coronavirus has made the last six months extremely difficult for everybody (Image credit:

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“Blaming young people for coronavirus spikes is unfair”

However, I find it infuriating that young people are now being blamed for a rise in coronavirus cases. Why are we all in one category?

Of course, you’ve had teenagers and young people still attending parties and not following the rules just like many older people too.

But that’s not every single young person in the country.

I know many people my age who have followed the rules. Stayed away from their friends and family. Didn’t socialise for months on end.

Yet people are assuming young people largely haven’t followed the guidelines.

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The government have given mixed messages (Credit:

Over the last few months, I have maintained social distancing, I’ve been wearing a mask, I’ve still not hugged my grandparents or other family members outside of my household because I don’t want to put them at risk.

I spent the whole lockdown away from my boyfriend while my working life also became disrupted.

And to be honest, it’s been challenging  living with my parents still as I haven’t really been able to get a breather.

But, over the last few weeks, it’s been nice to get back to some sort of normality – going out with friends, seeing my boyfriend and other family members and returning to the office while still being cautious about social distancing and wearing a mask in public.

Many young people, including myself, have followed the rules (Credit:

The government is sending mixed messages

But there have been so many mixed messages from the government which has understandably left so many people unsure about what they should be doing. 

First the government urges us to Eat Out to Help Out and now, they’re telling young people to limit social contact.

Boris Johnson has told us to go back to work, go to local pubs and restaurants to enjoy the half price deals and to use public transport but, from Monday, we can’t see more than six people or face a fine.

How does that work?

Second lockdown fears

I worry about a second lockdown like many others.

The lack of socialising and not being able to see my family for weeks or even months again worries me.

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I’m also concerned about the economy and what that could mean for my future, I’m worried it could end up affecting my work as well as getting on the property ladder. 

I understand the government are now trying to prevent a second spike, but maybe they should be clearer on their messages.

And not categorise all young people in the same bracket as, like myself, many have stuck to the rules.”

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