Coronavirus crisis: Millions of Brits to get a pause on their energy bills as home working rises

Some much-needed breathing space

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With home working on the rise as the coronavirus pandemic grips the nation, millions of Brits could be given some breathing space when it comes to their energy bills.

As all people who work from home will know, energy bills do rise when the 9 to 5 takes place in the comfort of your own home.

When you’re working from home you often crank up the central heating, use the stove to cook your lunch and whack on the telly and lights without even thinking about it.

Until the time comes for your latest energy bill to drop through the letterbox.

Millions of Brits are set to be ordered to work from home (Credit: Unsplash)

Now, however, energy giant EDF Energy has said it would consider delaying bill repayments for anyone who is affected by the Covid-19 outbreak, including those self-isolating.

EDF has five million customers around the UK.

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And, with many workplaces up and down the country rushing to implement home-working plans, the news could bring reassurance to the masses.

Additional support we could offer may include repayments made over a longer period of time, delay payment for a short period or offer alternative payment arrangements.

A rep told The Sun: “We recognise that over the coming weeks Covid-19 may have an impact on our customers, and we are prepared to offer these customers additional support and flexibility.”

They added: “Each case would be looked at on an individual basis, but additional support we could offer may include repayments made over a longer period of time, delay payment for a short period or offer alternative payment arrangements.”

EDF Energy has announced plans to help those in financial distress (Credit: Unsplash)

The EDF spokesperson also revealed that it wouldn’t rule out giving the delay to both people who feared they had contracted the virus and had self-isolated, and those who were simply working from home.

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The announcement comes after Boris Johnson’s government estimated that as many as a fifth of all employees could be set to work from home as firms instruct their workers to stay away from offices for fear of spreading the killer virus.

Energy firm bosses are reportedly in regular contact with regulators and the government in a bid to find the best way to support those who are in financial crisis as a result of the outbreak.

Banks have also announced plans to help customers with mortgage holidays (Credit: Pixabay)

Banks, too, have said they will offer offer mortgage repayment holidays to affected customers.

There have also been calls for supermarkets to open an hour early just for old age pensioners as many struggle to find essential supplies during the crisis.

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