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Monday 1st June 2020

We've identified eight types of coronavirus lockdown personality. Which one are you?

Experts have warned it could be six months or more before Brits can return to a normal life of eating out, going to the cinema and visiting friends or relatives.

Amid reports of people being busted for hosting karaoke parties or sunbathing in their local parks, it's clear many of us are struggling with the strict social distancing measures.

Which coronavirus lockdown personality are you?

One thing has become clear in the coronavirus pandemic? - everyone behaves differently when ordered to stay at home.

Here's a list of what we have identified as the eight main lockdown personalities. Which one are you?

The Wine O'Clock Watcher

Could you set your watch by when you pour your first glass? (Credit: Pexels)

Ever mindful of the exact time at any given point in the day, the Wine O'Clock Watcher eagerly awaits the moment when they can knock off and enjoy a tipple or three.

This is you if your first thought, as the UK found itself in the grip of widespread panic-buying, was for your empty wine rack.

The PJ Queen

Careful not to disturb the PJ Queen (Credit: Pixabay)

Spotted in every demographic from the busy working mum to the student with their studies on hold, PJ Queens rushed to order a whole load of loungewear with relish as the lockdown was looming.

Nothing gives the PJ Queen great satisfaction than changing out of their overnight PJs, showering and slipping into a fresh pair of longe pants and matching top, then pulling on another set of PJs for another night in front of the box. Also most likely to be burning scented candles and decorating the room with fairy lights to take their space from day to night!

The Coronavirus Armchair Expert

Prepare to be corrected (Credit: Pixabay)

Do you feel the need to cut in and correct/update people with the latest developments every time they try to tell you something about the pandemic? That could be a sign you're a Coronavirus Armchair Expert.

And if you find yourself scoffing at things the experts say on TV, whether that's on Good Morning Britain, This Morning, BBC Breakfast or some other show... well, that's another!

The Curtain Twitcher

Beware the peeper (Credit: Pexels)

Curtain Twitchers, of course, existed before the pandemic, but now they're in their element. They're not particularly interested in your standard leisurely pursuits. Reading? Nah. Netflix? No chance.

The Curtain Twitcher's main form of entertainment is peeping from the window. Enjoy timing your neighbour's trips out to make sure they're not exercising for too long? Find yourself constantly listening out to hear if they've coughed yet? Chances are you fall into this category.

The Conspiracy Theorist

Have an open mind - but not so open your brain falls out (Credit: Pixabay)

The Conspiracy Theorist is someone who turns off the daily Downing Street press briefing as soon as the Cabinet Minister hands over to the expert, because there's normally far too much data and fact in those parts.

This is you if you think coronavirus is probably an escaped biological weapon, that it was intentionally spread as a marketing scheme for Netflix's new docu-series, Pandemic or that Disney started it to drive signups for its new streaming service.

The In-Their-Element Introvert

Can we keep social distancing after the pandemic? (Credit: Pexels)

The In-Their-Element Introvert is someone who has always longed for social distancing measures, such as no handshakes and a calendar with zero social gatherings.

The Introvert will likely feel the mental stresses of the lockdown the least. Just beware trying to get them on a video call.

The Family Stalwart

Trust mum to keep everyone connected (Credit: Pexels)

This is the person who has risen to the occasion and become a bastion on which others can lean (whether they like it or not) for support and entertainment.

The Family Stalwart is the dad who thinks of some truly insane ways to keep the kids busy, or the mum who insists on having a video conference with all four of her adult children and their grandparents twice a day.

The Yeti

Letting everything go (Credit: Pixabay)

Have you decided not to shave for the duration of the lockdown?

In either protest over, or an embracing of, the lockdown are you growing out your armpit hairs or letting your beard go full-Darwin, or refusing to tend to the maintenance of your nether regions? If so, this is definitely you.

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