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Monday 6th July 2020

Coronavirus: Shameless Brits are stealing food parcels for the vulnerable from their doorsteps

Four Gousto customers report food theft

Shameless Brits have been stealing food packages left for vulnerable people during the coronavirus pandemic.

The food has been taken from the doorsteps of those most in need.

Vile thieves have struck more than once and the news signals another disgusting side of stockpiling Brits during the crisis.

It comes as those most at risk are put in a 12-week lockdown by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Vulnerable people are relying on food delivery services during the pandemic (Credit: Cover Images)

This means they are unable to leave the house – even to buy essential items such as food and medicines.

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As a result, they rely on food delivery services and the kindness of neighbours.

It’s come to something that food has now become such a valuable commodity you have got gangs going round stealing it.

One meal delivery service has said that as many as four families have been targeted by the shameless looters.

The Sun reports a man was seen on a doorbell camera snatching a Gousto delivery costing £42.

The at risk have been told not to go out and to use food delivery services if possible (Credit: Unsplash)

The box was intended for a family with a seven-year-old child who has a rare chromosome disorder.

"Disgusting" behaviour

Naseem Walker of Wimbledon, London, has branded the behaviour "disgusting".

He said: "We are a vulnerable family because of my daughter, it is disgusting someone has done this."

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The dad added: "It’s come to something that food has now become such a valuable commodity you have got gangs going round stealing it."

Meanwhile, he also revealed that Gousto had revealed three other families have reported the theft of their food delivery boxes.

A rep said: "We always ensure our customers specify a safe place to leave their recipe box."

However, it appears that sadly wasn't enough to deter the thieves.

Brits turning to theft

It's not the first time during the current crisis that Brits have turned to theft.

Yesterday (March 24) a nurse revealed four of her colleagues were "mugged at knifepoint" for their staff ID passes.

It's thought the vile thieves wanted to gain access to the exclusive perks offered to NHS staff who are working on the frontline.

Elsewhere, shoppers revealed their disgust when a woman stole toilet roll from the food donation trolley in a UK supermarket.

It comes a the UK coronavirus death toll hits 422.

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