Colin the caterpillar

Colin the Caterpillar Mini Faces launch at M&S and fans of the chocolate cake are thrilled

There's a new Percy Pig launch, too!

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Colin the Caterpillar fans have revealed their dreams have come true after M&S launched bags of Colin The Caterpillar Mini Faces.

The treats take their inspiration from what’s arguably the best part of the chocolate cake – Colin’s solid white chocolate face.

Now fans of Colin the Caterpillar no longer need to fight over that coveted first slice.

Instead, just pick up a bag of the white chocolate mini faces and dive right in!

Colin the caterpillar
Colin the Caterpillar Mini Faces are on sale at M&S now (Credit: Instagram/NewFoodsUK)

Kev’s Snack Reviews was one of the first to spot them in store and posted his find to Instagram.

How much are the new Colin the Caterpillar sweets?

“Yes you can now get a bag full of ‘the best part of the cake’ from M&S for £2,” he revealed.

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Kev added: “They’re simple white chocolates with some milk choccy eyes, and of course half the fun is that they’re Colin shaped.”

He added: “Be sure to keep an eye out for these!”

Wow! They better be the same size as the one on the cake though!

“I’m off to M&S to get some right now,” said one Colin fan. “This is my favourite launch of the year.”

Another added: “Oh my, this is the best.”

“My dream,” another drooled.

Colin the caterpillar
The bags cost £2 and contain white chocolate Colin faces (Credit: Instagram/KevsSnackReviews)

“Wish it was the feet too!” said another fan of the M&S cake, that also has solid white chocolate feet.

“Mmmmm, all about Colin!” another added.

“Wow! They better be the same size as the one on the cake though!” demanded another.

“Unreal, they look so good,” another commented.

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Others were making plans to visit M&S pronto!

“I’ll go M&S tomorrow!!” exclaimed one chocolate lover.

New Percy Pig launch

Foodie blogger Kev also alluded to a new M&S Percy Pig launch – Percy Pig Party Time.

“Whilst Percy Pig is partying, Colin has been busy making copies of his face for you to munch on!” Kev quipped.

The colourful sweets cost £1.65 per bag and appear to show naughty pig Percy covered in splashes of paint.

“Off to M&S I trot,” joked one Percy fan.

“Need these and the caterpillar faces!!” said another. “I’ll go on a shopping trip today.”

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