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Christmas: Amazon launches Stuffing Ketchup invented by an adorable seven-year-old boy

Berty's festive dreams have become a reality

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Amazon has launched a Stuffing Ketchup for Christmas and it’s been invented by an adorable seven-year-old boy called Berty.

The boy, from Derby, has seen his festive dreams come true with the launch of the product.

Berty won a nationwide competition with Sauce Shop which saw children submit their ideas for the perfect Christmas ketchup.

And he even decided to sell the product in a festive red, white and black bottle to replicate Santa’s outfit.

What a little cutie!

Little boy who created stuffing ketchup posing with his invention
Little Berty has created a Stuffing Ketchup that’s being sold on Amazon this Christmas (Credit: Fabio De Paola/PA Wire)

What does the Amazon Christmas ketchup taste like?

Sauce Shop brought Berty’s idea to life and, as a result, it’s being sold exclusively on Amazon.

It’s flavoured with onions, sage and parsley to replicate the taste of a festive stuffing.

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It’s even got a sprinkling of breadcrumbs for a touch of that classic stuffing texture.

When he tasted the final product, Berty said: “It tastes even yummier than I imagined.

“I can’t wait to have it on my Christmas dinner and it might even convince me to eat all my vegetables.”

It tastes even yummier than I imagined. I can’t wait to have it on my Christmas dinner and it might even convince me to eat my vegetables.

Berty is a huge fan of both ketchup and stuffing and insisted it’s the best part of every roast dinner and the highlight of his Christmas dinner.

Ingredients for stuffing ketchup
The ketchup features onions, sage, parsley and breadcrumbs so it tastes just like stuffing (Credit: Amazon)

As well as seeing his idea become a reality, Berty won a gift card to spent on Amazon.

He said he’ll spend it on a pair of night-vision goggles to spot the local wildlife after dark.

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Amazon’s James Bale said: “Stuffing is a beloved part of Christmas dinner and I am sure Berty’s creation will take pride of place on family tables up and down the country.”

He added: “We are so pleased to team up with Sauce Shop once again and thank Berty for creating something special for our customers this Christmas.”

stuffing ketchup on a Christmas dinner table
Berty said the sauce is so delicious is may even make him eat his veggies this Christmas (Credit: Amazon)

Where can I buy it?

You can buy Berty’s Stuffing Ketchup for £2.99 per bottle here.

It’s also available as part of a set.

It costs £11 and contains a trio of festive ketchups to liven up your Christmas table.

As well as sampling Berty’s Stuffing Ketchup, you’ll also be able to enjoy last year’s sell-out Brussels Sprout Ketchup and Sauce Shop’s new Spiced Cranberry Ketchup.

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