Kinder Surprise

Chocolate fans’ minds blown as mystery behind Kinder Surprise toys is revealed

We were too busy eating the chocolate to notice…

With their creamy chocolate shell and a hidden toy inside, Kinder Surprise eggs have been a hit with British kids for decades.

The delicious Ferrero treats feature a milk chocolate shell lined with a super sweet layer of white cream on the inside.

It’s the chocolate treat that keeps on giving, too, thanks to the little toy that’s included inside.

It sits inside the chocolate egg in a yellow plastic case.

Kinder Surprise
The Kinder Surprise eggs feature a yellow plastic case containing a toy (Credit: Amazon)

Kiddie vloggers even film themselves opening the eggs and revealing the toy that lies inside.

However, until now, we never quite realised what that egg yolk-coloured case signified.

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Yes, you’ve guessed it, the Kinder Surprise is actually supposed to resemble a real-life egg.

The chocolate outer represents the shell, the creamy white inside resembles the egg white, while the toy’s casing is the egg yolk.

Really! And the white chocolate is the egg white!

If your mind is blown, you’re not the only one.

Sharing a post to the Children Of The 1980’s Facebook page, Kinder Surprise fan Sullivan Poulter revealed the shock news.

He posted a picture of an open Kinder Surprise alongside a real broken egg and said: “I was today years old when I realised.”

The post has gone viral.

It has so far been shared 21,000 times, with many Facebook users admitting their minds were blown.

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“Neither did I and it’s so obvious now you point it out,” said one.

Another added: “Really! And the white chocolate is the egg white!”

“Mind officially blown!”

“OMG! I never knew that!” another admitted.

“Mind officially blown!” said another.

“No!! Although it definitely makes sense!!” another said.

“Oh yeah, guess I was too busy eating them,” another laughed.

More egg-related news

Some did know about Kinder’s surprise, however.

One chocolate expert posted a picture of a Cadbury’s Creme Egg looking remarkably like an, ahem, egg!

“You all did not realise Kinder egg was based on an egg [crying with laughter emoji]. I have news for you all as well,” they captioned the picture.

In other Cadbury news, fans were thrilled when the chocolate giant revealed it’s bringing back one of its discontinued “old favourite” bars.

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