cherry Jaffa cakes

Cherry Jaffa Cakes launched by McVitie’s but are they biscuits or cakes?

There's a new Passion Fruit flavour, too!

Cherry Jaffa Cakes are officially a thing and Brits are thrilled.

McVitie’s delivered the good news earlier today, and announced a new Passion Fruit flavour has also been introduced.

“I’ll take both, thank you,” said one fan of the popular chocolate-covered snack.

It certainly sounds like their New Year health kick is out of the window thanks to the new launch!

new Jaffa cakes
McVitie’s has launched two new Jaffa Cake flavours and Brits have declared them a hit (Credit: McVitie’s)

What do we know about the new Cherry and Passion Fruit Jaffa Cakes?

In the best news we’ve heard all year, the new flavours offer a twist on the chocolate orange original.

They’re both “sandwiched between the iconic dark chocolate and springy sponge layers”.

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And they’re set to “take your tastebuds on a tangy adventure”, said a rep.

McVitie’s added that “cheeky Cherry” is “bursting with playfulness”, while “tropical Passion Fruit gets the party going”.

Well, after Boris’s latest news, we’ll take any chance to celebrate that we can get!

It’s too hard a decision so I’ll take BOTH.

The two new flavours have now been welcomed into the fast-growing “Jaffanation” alongside Orange and Pineapple – so there’s no need to worry about your old faruvrites going anywhere.

“Which one will you pick next?” McVitie’s asked.

“Will you be sashaying to some tropical tunes with Passion Fruit or brightening up a dull day with some cheeky Cherry vibes?”

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“It’s too hard a decision so I’ll take BOTH,” said one indecisive fan on Instagram.

McVitie’s brand director Emma Stowers revealed: “We’re really excited to reveal our two new Jaffa Cakes flavours – ‘cheeky’ Cherry and ‘party’ Passion Fruit – for everyone to enjoy!

“What better way to bring a fruity and tangy new twist to an afternoon pick me up, or some added zest to your day?”

Are Brits excited about the new flavours?

Social media seemed to agree, with many quickly commenting their excitement under a video of the new flavours on Instagram.

“Havent tried the cherry yet. But the passion fruit ones are great,” said one early tester.

“Omg I’m totally a passion fruit,” another declared.

“Cherry all the way!” said another.

“I’m drooling over the cherry flavour, they sound so delicious,” exclaimed anther.

If you want to decide for yourself, you can pick them up in supermarkets now.

Each of the new flavours comes in a box of 10 and has an RRP for £1.20 per pack.

That makes them just 12p each!

new Jaffa cakes
They’re both “sandwiched between the iconic dark chocolate and springy sponge layers” (Credit: McVitie’s)

Are Jaffa Cakes biscuits or cakes?

Well, according to Wikipedia, they are “biscuit-sized cakes”.

The entry states: “Jaffa Cakes are biscuit-sized cakes introduced by McVitie and Price in the UK in 1927 and named after Jaffa oranges.”

Back in 1991, a court actually made a ruling over the biscuit/cake question.

In the UK, VAT is payable on chocolate-covered biscuits – but not chocolate-covered cakes.

McVitie’s said Jaffa Cakes are indeed cakes, and had to defend the categorisation in a VAT tribunal.

It found in favour of McVitie’s and stated that, legally, Jaffa Cakes are considered a cake.

A similar review in Ireland ruled them to be cakes because they have a moisture content above 12%.

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