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Wednesday 27th May 2020

Coronavirus: Breast cancer patient praises government as she receives 'lovely' food parcel

It's "great" how they're looking after people

After the government started delivering food to the country's most in need, one cancer patient has revealed the contents of her "lovely" food parcel.

She also said that the delivery just goes to show how much people are looking out for each other during the coronavirus pandemic.

Serena, 50, from Kent is currently having chemotherapy for breast cancer.

As a result of her treatment weakening her immune system, she has been instructed to shield herself at home for 12 weeks.

A breast cancer patient has revealed she received a "lovely" government food parcel (Credit: Pexels)

The mum of three even has to stay three steps away from her children at all times to reduce her chances of contracting the virus.

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However, she is incredibly upbeat when she tells ED! that her government food parcel has arrived.

And she says the scheme is a "lovely" idea.

Serena told us: "I got a food parcel from the council yesterday and I just thought, how lovely."

She added: "Someone from the council called me on Monday because my name had come up on a vulnerable list."

It’s so great how they are looking after people.

Serena added: "They asked if I could do a survey and also asked if I needed help."

She told them her neighbour had been "leaving dinners" on her doorstep and she was okay for food "at the moment".

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However, when she arrived home from her penultimate chemotherapy session, she discovered a food parcel had been delivered.

The woman is struggling to get a supermarket home delivery slot (Credit: Unsplash)

Serena said: "When I got home from the hospital yesterday there was a parcel left round the side and I had a message from a delivery driver."

She added: "I felt really bad as I didn’t really need it, but think it’s so great how they are looking after people."

Inside the box

Serena also exclusively shared a picture of the contents of the box with ED!.

It included essential items such as potatoes, pasta, tinned vegetables, tinned tuna and milk.

There was also jam, custard creams and breakfast muffins.

With Easter just a week away, the package also contained a packet of hot cross buns.

The food parcel contained essential items (Credit: ED!)

Serena said: "It proves that everyone is working so hard to look after everyone."

Also inside the box was a "a piece of paper with the coronavirus helpline number on it".

Good neighbours

She has so far been unable to get a supermarket home delivery slot and paid tribute to her helpful neighbours.

She concluded: "I feel happy that in an emergency my neighbours are there for me."

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