Cadbury Favourites

Cadbury Favourites are now available at B&M and Brits have no idea who likes Turkish Delight

There'll be plenty of them left in the bottom of the box!

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Cadbury Favourites are now available to buy in the UK. However, Brits have one question about the Heroes-style sweets.

Just who would pick Turkish Delight as their favourite sweet?!

The new Cadbury Favourites are an Australian import that have just gone on sale at B&M.

Boxes of Cadbury favourites
Cadbury Favourites are on sale at B&M now (Credit: Instagram/KevsSnackReviews)

Which sweets are featured in the new Cadbury Favourites?

The boxes contain minis of Dairy Milk, Dairy Milk Caramello, Crunchie, Picnic, Boost, Turkish Delight, Flake, Dream and Moro – a Mars-type sweet.

“New and coming to a @bm_stores near you very soon!” NewFoodsUK posted on Instagram.

“OMG what a line up!!!!!” said one fan.

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“B&M are killing it at the moment,” another declared.

Others, meanwhile, seemed thrilled that the discontinued white chocolate Dream bar features in the box.

“They have Dream in them,” one commented with the love heart eyes emoji.

“Need a whole box just for the Dream bars,” another said.

Sweets from the Cadbury Favrourites box
Chocoholics are keen on all but one sweet in the box (Credit: Instagram/NewsFoodsUK)

Which sweet aren’t Brits keen on?

“I need these in my life,” said another, tagging a friend, who said exactly what we’re all thinking.

“Apart from the Turkish Delights!” they said, adding the vomit emoji.

Judging from the comments online, it appears there will be plenty of Turkish Delights left in the bottom of the box.

“I need this apart from the Turkish Delight,” said one.

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“We can get these,” said one person replying to a friend, “but only if you’re eating the Turkish Delights.”

“Absolutely not,” they replied. “We can save them for my dad!”

We can get these but only if you’re eating the Turkish Delights.

“Shame about Turkish Delight,” another chocoholic commented.

“Some of these make me feel ill,” said one tagging a pal.

“Turkish Delight,” came the reply, with the vomit emoji.

“Ewwwwww no!” said another.

“Does anyone even like Turkish Delight?!” asked another.

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Where can I get them – and how much?

If you want to pick up a box in time for Christmas, don your face mask and hotfoot it to B&M.

The store is open during England’s lockdown and you can pick up the new Cadbury Favourites for just £4 a box.

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