Cadbury fans thrilled as Dream bar makes a comeback – but for a limited time only!

Huge news for chocoholics!

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Fans of the white chocolate Dream bar by Cadbury are thrilled that the chocolate is back on sale in the UK.

Foodie blogger Kev’s Snack Reviews found the bars while doing his essentials shop and shared the news with his excited followers.

“NO WAY!!” said one Dream fan.

“Whoa! This is huge news!” another commented.

Cadbury Dream is back on sale in the UK (Credit: Instagram/KevsSnackReviews)

The white chocolate Cadbury bar launched back in 2002 but was later discontinued.

Since that fateful day when the stocks ran dry, Dream fans have been calling for Cadbury to bring the sweet back from retirement.

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And now it seems someone has listened.

Where to buy them

And that someone would be the person in charge of buying at bargain store B&M.

No way is the Dream back!

Kev revealed the bar is still on sale in Australia and it’s actually an import.

And, not only that, B&M is stocking a host of other Australian Cadbury bars that have never hit the shelves of UK stores.

Until now!

“New Aussie Cadbury bars in @bm_stores £2.99!” he posted.

“Can’t wait to try the Moro and Mint Crisp – never had these before!”

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The Moro bar – with the flavours of a Boost – features Cadbury Dairy Milk with a choc malt-flavoured cream and a “smooth flowing caramel”.

The Mint Crisp features Dairy Milk with crisp mint pieces and a mint-flavoured cream.

There’s also Top Deck – Dairy Milk topped with Dream.

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“No way is the Dream back!” said one white chocolate fan.

“Not really back but it’s an import so grab while you can!” aid Kev.

“OMG stock up!” said one chocoholic tagging their pal.

“I need to go to B&M,” said another.

All the bars feature 180g of delicious Cadbury goodness and cost £2.99 each.

“Better than the UK version”

Early reviews of the Moro bar are in and it appears to be a resounding yes to the malted caramel bar.

Kev revealed: “I’ve never tried a Moro, I assumed it’s just the same as a UK Boost and didn’t realise it’s actually chocolate malt flavour.”

He added: “It tastes delicious, obviously. The Dairy Milk tastes better quality than our UK version, richer and more like it used to back in the day.”

Kev continued: “The pockets of caramel are lovely and again tastes better than UK Cadbury caramel. The chocolate malt filling gives a rich malty flavour, it’s very chocolatey but with a distinct malted edge. All together it’s delicious!”

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