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Cadbury Dairy Milk Hedgehog bar launches at B&M but where does it get it’s unusual name?

It's taken some Googling, we must admit!

Cadbury Dairy Milk Hedgehog bars have gone on sale at B&M to rave reviews.

But chocoholics are all asking the same question.

Just why are they called Hedgehog bars?

hedgehog dairy milk
There’s a new Cadbury Dairy Milk bar in town (Credit: Amazon)

Cadbury Dairy Milk Hedgehog bars on sale at B&M

Instagram foodie Kev’s Snack Reviews posted a picture of the new bar earlier today.

It’s an import from Australia and available at B&M.

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It costs £1.29, so is pretty steep for a regular-sized bar.

However, it sounds entirely delicious!

cadbury dairy milk
You can get them now at B&M (Credit: Instagram/KevsSnackReviews)

What do we know about the new bar?

Kev revealed: “How is this Dairy Milk bar hedgehog themed? Search me!

“It’s a combination of Dairy Milk chocolate, toasted coconut, almond and biscuit pieces and is available now in @bm_stores.”

And then he delivered his verdict.

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Kev said: “And it’s rather tasty! It’s a nice mixture of savoury and sweet flavours with a nutty vibe mixed in. Quite addictive!

“As always @bm_stores are killing it with these regular @cadburyaust releases, long may they continue!”

How did chocoholics react to the launch?

“Need to try this – sounds delicious,” said one.

“Must check out B&M,” declared another.

“I wasn’t sure I’d like these because of the coconut but it’s really nice. There isn’t much coconut in it and the stuff you do end up munching is really sweet. I liked it,” said a third.

So why is it called a Dairy Milk Hedgehog?

Well, it’s most certainly not spiky…

After numerous questions over the name, one of Kev’s followers duly obliged with an answer.

“It’s a type of cake slice in Australia, it’s called hedgehog,” they said, posting a link to an explanation.

It looks pretty much like our chocolate fridge cake and contains chocolate, crushed biscuits, coconut and walnuts.

More Cadbury launches coming our way!

As well as the three new Inventor flavours launching next month, you can also send someone you love a greetings card packed with Cadbury chocolates.

The new Cadbury Chocolate Gift Card boxes contain 20 treats that are packaged into a gift box that you can personalise with a handwritten message.

cadbury greetings card
New Chocolate Gift Card boxes filled with treats are now on sale too (Credit: Cadbury)

There’s four box designs to pick from and two delicious flavours – Hazelnut Creme Hearts and White Chocolate Truffle Flowers – to pick from.

They cost £3 and are on sale in stores nationwide now.

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