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Cadbury Dairy Milk fans thrilled as three new flavoured bars ‘go on sale next month’

'These look epic'

New Cadbury Dairy Milk flavours will be launched next month, it has been claimed.

Instagrammer John’s Snack Reviews has revealed the three winning flavours for the 2021 Cadbury Inventor competition.

It sees Brits submit their ideas for new chocolate bars before the top three are unleashed on the public.

They then vote for their favourite, with the winning bar becoming a new addition to the Cadbury Dairy Milk range.

new dairy milk
Will the No Frownie Brownie be your favourite? (Credit: John’s Snack Reviews/Instagram)

What are the new Cadbury Dairy Milk flavours?

John revealed the three new bars should be out between the middle and end of June, although he was quick to add the date was “not 100% confirmed”.

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They are Banoffee Nut Crumble, No Frownie Brownie and Fizzing Cherry.

The banana-flavoured bar includes banoffee pie-inspired fudge pieces, golden almond caramel pieces and crunchy biscuits encased in smooth Dairy Milk chocolate.

The brownie bar includes gooey brownie chunks, golden salted caramel chips and crumbly biscuits.

Lastly, the fruity bar contains cherry pieces, popping candy and crunchy biscuits.

new dairy milk
‘The Fizzing Cherry is so up my street,’ one fan declared (Credit: John’s Snack Reviews/Instagram)

So where can I get them from?

Cadbury hasn’t confirmed any details just yet.

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But John revealed: “Typically Tesco always have these as an exclusive for two weeks before they’re released elsewhere.”

We have to get searching at the end of June. Love tasting a new bar of chocolate!


“I don’t recall some of them being on the list to choose from in the Inventor entries?”

new dairy milk
Banoffee Nut Crumble appeared to get the biggest thumbs up from Cadbury lovers (Credit: John’s Snack Reviews/Instagram)

So what have Cadbury fans said about the news?

“MY INVENTIONS WERE BETTER THAN THIS. I feel robbed,” said one.

“Banoffee is disappointing, would have preferred some chewy banana flavour pieces along with the rest instead of banoffee fudge.

“That being said I’ll be trying all three,” said another.

“Oh hi newbies,” another flirted.

“Banoffee crumble wins. I don’t even need to try it,” said another.

“The banana one,” declared another with the love heart eyes emoji.

“The Fizzing Cherry is so up my street,” another commented.

“We have to get searching at the end of June. Love tasting a new bar of chocolate!” declared another Cadbury fan.

“These look epic,” another concluded.

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