Cadbury reveals it’s been working on a plant-based vegan Dairy Milk ‘for two years’

Vegans can't wait for it to launch…

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Chocolate makers Cadbury has revealed that it is working on a new plant-based Dairy Milk bar that’ll be suitable for vegans.

Reports suggest Cadbury is developing a plant-based alternative amid soaring demand for vegan options.

According to Cadbury’s now-defunct saying, the bars famously contain “a glass and a half” of milk.

However, that won’t be the case with the new launch.

The humble Dairy Milk is the world’s most popular chocolate bar (Credit: Pixabay)

The bar is said to have been planned for launch to tie in with Veganuary, so now we guess it’s a matter of watch this space.

A rep for parent company Mondelez said: “We’re always listening to our consumers so we can develop and provide people with greater choice.”

They added: “This includes looking at a plant-based Cadbury Dairy Milk bar.”

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However, they revealed Cadbury has “no immediate plans to launch”.

And it appears that’s because the recipe could need some tweaking.

Excellent! I see a lot of kids with milk allergies so this will be good as they all miss chocolate.

The rep added: “We are only interested in launching a new vegan product that retains the texture and taste that our consumers expect and love.”

Cadbury made its first Dairy Milk bar in its Birmingham factory in 1905.

Since then, it’s gone on to be the brand’s biggest seller, as well as the world’s most popular chocolate bar, according to a recent study that looked at global search data.

“There are lots of exciting developments in the pipeline,” the rep added.

Vegans will soon be able to get their hands on a plant-based Dairy Milk (Credit: Cadbury)

Vegans reacted to the news of a potential new chocolate treat with glee.

One said: “I used to love eating that! That is until I found out a lot more about the dairy industry and became vegan.”

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They added: “I miss the taste of these delicious chocolates and am fully certain they will get it right with the vegan version.”

Excellent! I see a lot of kids with milk allergies so this will be good as they all miss chocolate,” said another.

“I miss Cadbury, can’t wait,” said another soon-to-be fan.

However, some said giving up Dairy Milk was just one of the sacrifices that came with being vegan.

The woman quipped: “Nooooo, sorry, if you are a vegan, this is one your sacrifices.”

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