Brits set to bask in sunshine as the Met Office reveals a heatwave is on its way

And it's sticking around till mid-June

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It’s time to put away those winter woolies and dig out your summer stuff. The Met Office has said a heatwave is on the way!

Yes, with the weekend drawing ever nearer, parts of Britain can expect to bask in the sunshine.

And while the old saying goes that you should “ne’er cast a clout till May be out”, the warmer weather looks set to stick around for weeks.

A heatwave is on the way (Credit: Pexels)

The news will be welcomed by Brits who have been warned international travel could be out till 2023.

After a chilly snap for most on Thursday morning (May 14), temperatures are set to rise to 22˚C  in some parts of the UK by the weekend.

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Met Office forecaster Marco Petagna said: “It warms up from Wednesday with mid-20s on Friday in the south.”

It’s looking like the following week will be a bright and sunny one.

Nighttime temperatures will remain chilly, with sunny spells expected on Friday.

It will be a bit of a north/south divide, though, with experts saying the best of the weather will be down south.

Brits are reminded to maintain social distancing while enjoying the sunshine (Credit: Pexels)

Sunday looks set to be the most glorious day of the weekend for all, with temperatures of 15˚C in the north.

Heatwave on the way

Highs of 21˚C in the south will pave the way for a much warmer spell, though.

“It’s looking like the following week will be a bright and sunny one,” the Met Office revealed.

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In fact, long-range forecasts predict that the sunshine is here to stay till mid-June.

The Met Office revealed: “This period looks to stay largely dry and fine with bright or sunny spells for many.”

It added that temperatures will generally trending “on the warmer side with an increased chance of some very warm/hot spells in the south”.

With Britain still under the UK lockdown, though, people are reminded to enjoy the sunshine safely.

Unlimited outdoor exercise is now allowed.

Restrictions on travel to beauty spots via car have also been lifted.

Visiting beaches is now allowed (Credit: Pexels)

Brits are reminded, however, to maintain social distancing measures at all times.

Bad news for northerners

However, when it comes to the great British weather, naturally it’s not all good news.

Those down south should spare a thought for people living up in Scotland, who may need to keep their jumpers handy for a little longer.

As well as cloud and rainy spells up north, the Met Office has warned that we “could see snow on Scottish mountains”.

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