Brits divided as woman excludes her ‘lonely’ mother-in-law from family holiday

She doesn't want her mother-in-law tagging along…

Brits have slammed a woman for excluding her mother-in-law from going on her family holiday.

The woman – who had her first baby earlier this year – revealed she goes to Florida every four years with her parents, sister, brother and their partners.

And, this year, her mother-in-law – who is single – wants to come along too.

Mumsnet users were divided over the post (Credit: Unsplash)

Taking to online forum Mumsnet, she explained she’s been with her husband for 10 years.

She said: “I have a big family and have always been very close with them. When I got together with my husband 10 years ago, my parents welcomed him in to the family like one of their own. We have had numerous holidays and good times altogether ever since.”

She’s “jealous”

The woman added: “My sister and brother’s partners are the same and have been welcomed into the family. We all get on very well and have a great time whatever we do.”

Then came the crux of the matter.

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“My mother-in-law was a single mum and has always been a little jealous of the amount of time we spend with my family compared the amount of time we spend with her,” she explained.

“We have fallen out with her numerous time over this, as well as over other things. Most recently when she made comments about how we are doing things with our baby daughter,” she added.

She then went on to explain about the holiday.

“My family have gone to Florida every four years since I was young and have continued to do this even as we’ve grown up. We’re all big kids and love all the rides and shows, and now that we have started having children, we still intend to keep up the tradition of going frequently,” she said.

The woman goes to Florida with her family every year (Credit: Unsplash)

However, she added: “My mother-in-law feels that we should invite her on long to Florida with my family as she is single and wouldn’t have anyone else to go with.”

“A difficult situation”

The woman said it puts “me and my husband in a difficult situation”.

She added: “My family enjoy going to Florida as our family and wouldn’t want an additional person coming along on our family holiday.”

I don’t see why one member of your family – and she is your family, like it or not – can’t come along on a huge family holiday with the rest of you.

The woman also added that her family “find her a little annoying, so aren’t particularly keen on her”.

She concluded: “I appreciate that she is single and doesn’t have as many people to go on holiday with, but why should my family have to have her tag along with them?”

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The woman said she’d suggested a separate holiday with her mother-in-law but she’s “adamant” she wants to go to Florida.

And she’s said her daughter-in-law is being “inconsiderate” in not inviting her.

Some were quick to agree with the woman.

“I definitely wouldn’t want her coming. It’s your family holiday. I think you’re being fair by offering her another holiday,” said one.

“I can see it from both sides,” said one woman diplomatically.

“She sounds lonely”

“She sounds lonely, and I can understand her feeling left out if you see your family a lot more than you see her. I think she has as much right to see her grandchild as your mother does,” she continued.

However, she added: “On the other hand, inviting her along would change the dynamic of the holiday.”

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Others slammed her as cruel, though.

“I don’t see why one member of your family – and she is your family, like it or not – can’t come along on a huge family holiday with the rest of you,” said one.

The woman said her mother-in-law is jealous of the time she spends with her family (Credit: Pexels)

“If it was just going to be you and your husband I’d get your point, but if all of you are going it surely won’t be that much hardship to include her,” she added.

“It is her family, though. When you got married you joined your two families together. She’s single, and she’s family, so I do think it’s a shame you won’t consider her,” another commented.

“Mean not to invite her”

“Bit mean not to invite her. I would be very sad if I was the mother-in-law,” said another.

“I feel sorry for her with a selfish daughter-in-law like you,” another concluded.

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