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Brits divided as pubs are urged by breweries to ‘sneak up prices’ as they open post-lockdown

It would help pubs recover some of the mammoth losses

Pubs have been urged to “sneak up prices” as they open their doors to the public post-lockdown.

The news hit the headlines yesterday (April 22), with GMB debating the matter on the show today (April 23).

And it’s fair to say that Brits are entirely divided.

Some have said they’ll be boycotting pubs if prices go up, while others say they’re happy to help businesses “claw back” some of their losses.

women having a drink
New reports suggest pubs have been advised to hike prices when they open post-lockdown (Credit: Pexels)

What’s been said about pubs putting up prices as they open again?

Breweries are reportedly telling struggling pubs to “sneak prices up by 40p-a-pint” to claw back losses after lockdown.

The Daily Mail reports that Heineken UK-owned Star Pubs and Bars, which supports 2,500 pubs nationwide, advised bosses to “consider reviewing” price hikes.

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It was also claimed that “people who pay by cards won’t notice the hike”.

The suggested hikes came after market research conducted last summer showed that almost two thirds of pub-goers “expected” price rises following the first lockdown.

One pub landlord revealed price increases of 10% had been suggested.

However, he said he wouldn’t be following the advice.

two pints of beer
One brewery has reportedly suggested hiking prices by 10% (Credit: Pexels)

What have pub landlords said about the price hikes?

One claimed: “In their words, they were trying to work out the highest prices we can get from customers while they need beer.

“I took it as trying to get money out of people’s pockets after a very difficult year and point blank refused.

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“They also said that most people pay by card now and they don’t really check it, so are putting up prices now as people won’t notice.”

He added that they recommended putting the prices up by 10%, so roughly 40p on a pint.

drinks in a pub
Pubs have been urged to put around 40p extra on the price of a pint (Credit: Pexels)

How have Brits reacted to the suggestion as pubs open up again?

With pubs with outdoor areas open again and others due to follow suit on May 17, booze fans have responded to the news.

“An additional 40p per pint! I’d rather stay home,” said one.

“Wrong on so many levels. We (the punters) have been affected too.

“Loss of income, increased council tax, lower payrises if any at all and know they want to hit our pockets further?

“I simply won’t go to the pub if this happens,” they added.

“People are also worse off after all this so where do you think people are gonna find extra to pay for stuff they used to get cheaper?” asked one.

“Christ, please look up what common sense means!” they fumed.

People are also worse off after all this so where do you think people are gonna find extra to pay for stuff they used to get cheaper?

However, others were happy to put their hands in their pocket to help the hospitality industry.

“Smaller pubs are having to pay extra staff just in order to do outdoor table service. Nobody considers that,” said one.

Even if they put it up 20p a pint and you have 10 pints, it’s only £2!” said another.

“It could make a huge difference to the pub and your average punter isn’t gonna notice £2 less in their pocket are they?” they added. 

“If you can afford go out and have 10 pints you can afford the extra £4. It means a lot to pubs as they’ve had no income,” another declared.

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