Bride-to-be slammed as she warns her guests are ‘dead to her’ if they miss wedding due to coronavirus

Come as many countries are put into lockdown…

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The coronavirus pandemic has meant the way of life for many Brits has already had to change.

Supermarket shelves are empty, home working is fast becoming the norm and mass gatherings are becoming ill-advised.

Flights and holidays are also being cancelled, with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advising against travel to more than 30 countries worldwide.

Bride model - Pexels
One bride-to-be is concerned her wedding guests will pull out due to coronavirus (Credit: Pexels)

And, while it’s impacting all of us on a day-to-day basis, one bride-to-be has been slammed after posting her fears about her big day on Reddit.

The American woman revealed that her wedding was just over a month away and, with many countries in the grip of lockdown, she has been slammed for her comments.

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She said: “I’ve spent thousands. I’ve been working out, budgeting, dodging family politics land mines, chased RSVPs, tried my hand and both electrical and wood work, personalised gifts, answered a million emails, and drank lots of wine in the bath.”

I don’t care. If you miss my wedding because of coronavirus paranoia. You are dead to me.

She added: “So I feel justified in reminding my guests that… I don’t care. If you miss my wedding because of coronavirus paranoia. You are dead to me.”

“I would be mad too, but damn think about other people than yourself woman,” said one angry person in the comments.

Couple on their wedding day
The woman was slammed by users of Reddit when she said her guests would be “dead to her” if they failed to show (Credit: Pexels)

Another added: “Cool, so any wedding guests that have anything resembling an autoimmune or chronic illness will risk their lives by attending her wedding. I’m sure that’s worth the thousands of dollars she spent on her own entitlement.”

A third said: “My cousin’s wedding was supposed to be next weekend, you know what they did? Reschedule it! Because they’re smart.”

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Another added: “It sucks and I’d be mad if I had to cancel my wedding BUT not mad at guests for not wanting to go to a wedding in a pandemic.”

Others sympathised with the woman, but said they’d put the health of their friends and family first.

“This is infuriating. My wedding is in 73 days and I’m dying a little inside with every headline because it’s becoming readily apparent that a lot of my guests won’t be there, if it happens at all,” said one bride-to-be.

Bride and groom generic pexel
Others in the woman’s situation said they are putting their weddings on hold (Credit: Pexels)

“I have tried extremely hard not to make this pandemic about me and my wedding because in the grand scheme of things my little event doesn’t matter, but I feel very scared and sad,” she continued.

She added: “But most of all I want all the people I love to stay safe and healthy, so I’ll do what I need to do to keep them that way.”

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