Branston Cheese and Pickle PEANUTS exist and they’re on sale now!

It's time to bring out the Branston…

There’s surely nothing more quintessentially English than a cheese and pickle sandwich.

And, naturally, that pickle just has to be Branston.

There’s something about those chunks of diced vegetables in their sweet and sour sauce that us Brits just can’t get enough of.

And if you feel the same, then we have some pretty good food news for you.

It’s time to bring out the Branston (Credit: Humdinger Foods)

A Branston product that we’ve never seen before has been brought to out attention!

And it combines that iconic cheese and pickle sandwich taste in a packet of peanuts.

After a bit of digging, we’ve found these little morsels of deliciousness were sold at Tesco until the start of this year.

The website now states they’re currently unavailable.

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Praise be for online retailer GB Gifts though, who has hundreds of packets in stock.

Yes, it’s time to bring out the Branston – in a nut!

We’ll be stocking up, will you?

Branston’s cheese and pickle coated peanuts are the best.

“They’re been really popular,” the site boss told ED!.

“I’ve never seen them anywhere before!”

Us neither! Have you?

They disappeared from shelves

One super-fan revealed he tried them when they were on sale in the supermarket.

However, he appears pretty upset that he can’t find them anywhere… Until now!

The nuts taste just like the pickle (Credit: Tesco)

I happened upon some crispy-coated Branston cheese-and-pickle peanuts in Tesco a while ago, and they were terrific,” he said.

“Half the nuts had a tangy cheddar cheese coating, the other half a dead-on Branston pickle flavour, but they’ve now disappeared completely,” he added.

He ended his tweet by saying: “Curses.”

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The Branston Cheese and Pickle Peanuts cost £1.49 for a 120g bag and you can buy them here.

Suitable for vegetarians, each 25g serving contains 128 calories.

“Branston pickle flavour crispy coated peanuts mixed with cheese and onion flavoured crispy coated peanuts,” reads the blurb.

Packed full of flavour, it continues: “Time to discover the nation’s favourite pickle in a nut!”

More cheese news

And, should you want to pair them with some real-life cheese, then we have just the thing.

Earlier today (July 1), ED! told you about a very special launch that has got fromage fans drooling.

Seriously’s Cheese Nuggets go on sale next week and they sound, ahem, seriously good!

Head to our Facebook page @EntertainmentDailyFix and tell us if you’ve tried the cheese and pickle nuts.

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