B&M is selling Celebrations featuring new mini Milky Way Crispy Rolls

Chocoholics are thrilled!

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We’ve got good news for fans of Celebrations – a new chocolate has been added!

And the new tubs of the mini Mars favourites are on sale now.

Up until now, Celebrations have featured mini versions of Maltesers Teasers, Galaxy Milk, Galaxy Caramel, Mars, Snickers, Twix, Milky Way and Bounty.

There’s good news for Celebrations fans (Credit: B&M)

Now, however, a newcomer has arrived to shake up the tin.

“The best news I’ve had all week,” said one fan upon hearing the news.

“OMG buzzing!” exclaimed another.

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And others are so keen they’ve said they’re planning on buying the tubs just for the new sweet.

So, without further ado, let us put all your chocoholics out of your misery and reveal the new Celebrations chocolate.

And the newcomer is…

It’s a mini Milky Way Crispy Roll!

Blogger NewFoodsUK announced the news on Instagram.

Need to buy them just for mini Crispy Rolls.

They said: “Celebrations’ new addition! Milky Way Crispy Rolls! Yes please! Perfect addition to Celebrations! These are from @bm_stores.”

“The best addition!” said one fan.

“They are top class,” said another.

“OMG I love them!” another exclaimed.

“Need to buy them just for mini Crispy Rolls,” said another.

If you feel the same, you can pick them up on the shelves of bargain store B&M.

Milky Way Crispy Rolls are milk chocolate-covered wafer biscuit fingers that have a whipped filling that’s lighter than the thick nougat centre in a normal version.

Now for the bad news…

And, on the subject of the good old Milky Way, with good news inevitably comes bad.

To make room for the mini Crispy Roll, something had to go, and that something was the mini Milky Way.

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However, all is not lost if you want to stick to the traditional mix.

Makers Mars has yet to reveal if the Crispy Roll will replace Milky Way in all Celebrations tubs.

The ones on sale in B&M have a different box design and feature a clear hard plastic box instead of the traditional red cardboard box.

And they are the only boxes that have the Crispy Roll – all the others still have Milky Way.

So pick your box wisely, whichever camp you fall in to!

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