retro ice lollies

Biscuits that look like retro ice lollies exist and you’ll want to eat them all

Will you go for a Fab, Twister or 99?

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The sun is shining and summer is officially here, so what better to celebrate with than an ice cream.

However, with soaring temperatures inevitably comes a melted ice cream.

But there is a way to avoid ice cream dripping down your arm and an onslaught of wasps.

Now you can eat your favourite ice cream and lollies in a biscuit that’s guaranteed not to melt thanks to Biscuiteers.

The biscuit maker has just launched a brilliant retro Ice Lollies Biscuit Tin.

retro ice lollies
The tin features biscuit versions of your favourite retro ice lollies (Credit: Biscuiteers)

It features nine hand-iced biscuits decorated to look like your favourite ice creams and lollies.

And not just any lollies, your favourite retro ones from your childhood.

“Is there anything better than an ice lolly on a warm sunny day?” Biscuiteers asked.

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“Inside this tin you’ll find a selection of bright ice lollies, inspired by our favourite retro treats that you can share with all the family!” the biscuit makers added.

Originally only available in buttery vanilla, the brand has just announced a fruity new flavour.

“We’re so excited to announce that our Ice Lolly Letterbox Biscuits now come in a zesty lemon flavour,” Biscuiteers posted on Instagram.

What’s in the tin?

Inside the tin, you’ll find a Mr Whippy 99-style biscuit.

A white icing swirl of ice cream is finished with a drizzle of strawberry sauce and that all-important Flake.

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But it’s the ice lollies that have really caught out eye.

We love the biscuit take on the iconic Twister lolly, with its green and white swirls and an icing hint of strawberry running through the centre.

There’s even a handy biscuit stick to hold them by.

Other lollies in the box include the Nobbly Bobbly, the strawberry ice cream covered with coloured sugar balls.

The biscuit looks identical.

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The stand-out favourite has to be Biscuiteers’ Fab lolly, though.

It features the three iconic layers of the lolly in icing form.

They almost look too good to eat… Almost!

“We’re celebrating summer in style with a beautiful collection of hand-iced biscuits. From trips to the seaside, ice lollies to biscuits to mark this year’s missed summer occasions,” Biscuiteers said.

Fans certainly appeared to lap the biscuits up when the company posted a picture of them on Instagram.

“How cute!!” said one fan.

“Wow these sound amazing!!” said another.

“Those are beautiful!!” commented a third.

These look so good!! They are so much fun.

“Wow they look AMAZING!!” exclaimed another.

“These look so good!! They are so much fun,” another commented.

There’s even one that looks like a 99 (Credit: Pexels)

“These are Fabby,” said another with a rather, erm, fab play on words.

“So cute!! Such a great illusions,” another confirmed.


“Fab lolly biscuits,” said another tagging their pal.

“Ooh! They look scrumptious,” said another.

And one follower confirmed that they were just that.

@biscuiteersltd I had some of your ice lolly biscuits as a birthday day present recently and they were yummy!” the woman said.

Where can I buy them?

If you want to try them, the biscuits are a bit of a splurge.

The nine hand-iced biscuits cost £35 and they come in a gorgeous keepsake tin.

Order online on the Biscuiteers website and they’ll be delivered direct to your door.

Head to our Facebook page @EntertainmentDailyFix and tell us if you’ll be trying them.

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