Bernard Matthews recalls turkey dinosaurs over fears they could contain metal

Customers can return affected purchases of kiddies' fave for a full refund

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Bernard Matthews has recalled batches of a kiddies’ favourite after it was discovered turkey dinosaurs could contain small pieces of metal.

An alert from the Food Standards Agency warned consumers that the novelty nuggets produced by the food products business advised customers to return affected purchases to where they were obtained.

The presence of metal makes this product unsafe to eat,” the alert said about the the 450g product which contains nine of the breadcrumbed items to a pack.

Customers have been asked to return packets of turkey dinosaurs with the batch numbers L19QGG3, L19QGG4, L19QHG3, L19QHG4 and a best before date of November 2020.

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The alert continued: “If you have bought the above product, do not eat it. Instead, return it to the store from where it was bought for a full refund.”

Point-of-sale notices will be displayed in all shops selling the turkey dinosaurs with an explanation why they are being recalled and further advice for customers.

A receipt will not necessarily be required for customers to obtain their refund.

No other Bernard Matthews products are known to be affected.

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Turkey dinosaurs are not currently available to buy online at all from Iceland, but other supermarkets are still stocking the range.

One review from before the recall noted: “My little boy loves these, add sweetcorn and peas for the eyes and always finishes the lot!”

Another person reacting to reports on Facebook remarked: “How has this happened?”

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Every parent I am sure has experienced this: a wayward dinosaur or smiley face 😄 that fell off your child’s plate and straight into your mouth 😋 . Or maybe the remnants of a ‘gourmet’ supper of chicken nuggets, oddly call your name during the little one’s bath time. Or maybe they are eating soo slowly and you’re late for dance class/Rainbows, that you feel the need to help her out by taking half a sausage or slice of pizza 🍕… . It’s not like we actually want these foods, and in some cases we’re not even especially happy our kids are eating them (but that’s another story for another day). So why do so many of us do this time and again? . Its called the “if it’s there, you’ll eat it” phenomenon 😁 . No really. . Author and food psychologist Brian Wansink, who wrote the book “Mindless Eating,” has done many studies on this topic! . He explains, a fix for this particular issue is to practice what can be known as “location organization.” This can be done in a few ways: . 1. Eat a substantial meal before serving your kids so you’re nice and full. . 2. Buffer the toddler’s/child’s food with fruits and veggies for you (and them) to graze on. . 3. Immediately throw out the leftovers, or if possible, cover and put them in the fridge to try again later. Getting it out of sight can prevent the mindless grazing. . . There are other reasons we eat their leftovers – boredom, stress, lack of sleep, mindlessness. Feel familiar? . Topics for another day maybe? . But for now, LUNCHTIME! . Have a great day! 😀 . Ash 🙂 . . #ehfgym #fitfam #turkeydinosaurs #knowledgebomb #monday #didyouknow #fitness #diet #motivation #food #foodporn #foodphotography #foodie

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