Ben & Jerry’s launches new chocolate ice cream infused with crunchy CRISPS

And early testers are divided

While it might not be ice cream weather at the moment, rest assured sunnier days are on their way back.

Temperatures are set to warm up next week and, with the sunshine, comes a new food launch that Brits are really rather divided about.

The ice cream in question is by Ben & Jerry’s and it’s called Chip Happens.

ice cream
The tubs are on sale in the UK this month (Credit: Ben & Jerry’s)

As the name doesn’t give away many clues about the flavour, we’ll ease you in gently.

Chip Happens features smooth chocolate ice cream swirled with fudge pieces.

So far, so good…

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However, there are also some “crunchy potato chips” mixed in for good measure.

Yes, the new Ben & Jerry’s offering actually contains crisps.

You’d be forgiven for thinking it was April fools day and not mid-June!

“I’m not sure what they were thinking when they came up with this one,” said one food blogger.

Ben & Jerry’s begs to differ.

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“When smooth chocolate ice cream meets fudge chips and salty swirls, they pack a serious one-two crunch. The best part? There won’t be anything left to clean up,” the blurb reads.

Early testers offer their verdict

“Ewww crisps in ice cream, that’s a step too far,” said one person who won’t be trying it.

Some have said including crisps is a step too far (Credit: Pexels)

“Ewww no definitely not! I like ice cream and I like crisps but definitely not together!” said another.

“This makes me uncomfortable,” said a third.

I like ice cream and I like crisps but definitely not together!

“Finally it’s in the UK,” said one fan of the ice cream, which has been on sale in the States and Australia.

“OMG I’m trying it,” said another.

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“Ben & Jerry’s Chip Happens needs to be PERMANENT BATCH,” exclaimed another fan.

Launched in homage to hit Netflix show Nailed It!, the new flavour is in fact limited edition.

It’s available in Asda this month, with the tub costing £4.50.

Other new flavours

Boots On The Moooo’n features “milk chocolate ice cream with fudge cows and toffee meteor clusters orbiting a sugar cook dough core”.

Netflix & Chill’d features peanut butter ice cream with sweet and salty pretzel swirls and fudge brownies.

We know which one we probably won’t be trying!

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