baileys deliciously light

Baileys teases UK fans with the launch of new Baileys Deliciously Light

It's 40% less sugar and 40% less calories

The official Baileys Instagram page has posted a picture of the new Baileys Deliciously Light.

As love heart eye emojis flooded the comments section of the post, ED! endeavoured to find out more.

And we’re thrilled to report that it has 40% less calories and 40% less sugar than the original Baileys Irish Cream.

baileys deliciously light
New Baileys Deliciously Light has 40% less calories and 40% less sugar (Credit: Baileys US)

What does the new Baileys Deliciously Light taste like?

The new drink combines “cream from Ireland and the rich cocoa and vanilla flavours of Baileys”.

It’s being billed as a “light and versatile treat with all of the yummy taste of the original Baileys you know and love”.

However, it has a lot less calories – which, if you’re anything like us, means you can afford to drink more of it.

Win win!

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Baileys Deliciously Light has 139 calories per serving, as opposed to 233 calories in the Baileys Original Irish Cream.

Sugar in the newcomer is 7.8g, while the original has 13.3g.

So it really is quite a difference.

Baileys recommends it’s best served over ice, in coffee or as part of a blended cocktail.

Oooh, now you’re talking.

baileys deliciously light
The new liqueur contains 16.1% ABV (Credit: Baileys US)

What have Baileys fans said about the launch?

The Instagram post was flooded with comments, some in other languages, but all asking the same thing.

“Where can you buy this one in UK please?” asked one.

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“When does it hit Australia??” said another.

“When in Spain?” said another.

“When in Germany?” another Baileys fan asked.

“Where is this stocked please?” said another.

“Hey @baileysofficial, do any UK retailers stock this product?” another asked.

Where can I buy the new Baileys Deliciously Light?

Well, there’s a bit of bad news on that front if you’re reading this story from anywhere other than America.

So far, it’s only on sale across the pond at the moment.

A Baileys rep exclusively told ED!: “The delicious and innovative Baileys addition is currently only available in the US at the moment.”

They then promised: “We will, of course, keep you updated on all our upcoming and exciting Baileys UK news.”

However, all is not lost. Drinks importers like The Bottle Club often have new booze launches before they officially hit our stores.

They did with the last Baileys launch, Baileys Apple Pie.

Which, coincidentally, is now on sale at Morrisons in the UK.

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