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Baileys launches new Chocolate Treat Blondie Bars and they’re filled with Baileys buttercream

Early testers 'absolutely love' them

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Baileys has launched new Chocolate Treat Blondie Bars and they look just as delicious as they sound.

The bars were a new shopping find of food blogger Helen J Tea.

She posted pictures of the Baileys chocolate cake bars to her page and confirmed that she “absolutely loved” them.

The new Baileys Blondie Bars come in a pack of four and all the bars are individually wrapped, which makes them perfect to share.

baileys chocolate
The new Baileys Chocolate Treat Blondie Bars are on sale now (Credit: Instagram/HelenJTea)

What’s inside the new Baileys Chocolate Treat bars?

The new Chocolate Treats feature a delicious blondie topped with “a layer of Baileys frosting”.

This is then smothered in milk chocolate and “finished with a sweet drizzle”.

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Blondies resemble brownies in texture.

However, the cocoa in a brownie is substituted with vanilla in blondies – and they also have an added hit of brown sugar, which isn’t a traditional brownie ingredient.

Posting a series of pictures and a video to her Instagram feed, Helen revealed all.

baileys cake
The bars are covered in chocolate and finished with a “sweet drizzle” (Credit: Instagram/HelenJTea)

What have early testers said?

Helen said: “Absolutely loved the combination of blondie and Baileys buttercream and it was surrounded in a decent layer of chocolate.”

“Omg I’d love those blondies,” said one of her followers.

“Wow, those blondies look so good,” said another.

“Wow!” another declared. “Must get these for Christmas.”

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“Yummmm,” drooled another. “I love any kind of chocolate cake bars – so delicious!”

“And so the hunt begins,” said another, tagging their Baileys-loving pal.

Absolutely loved the combination of blondie and Baileys buttercream and it was surrounded in a decent layer of chocolate.

“Get me these,” said another, tagging a friend and adding the drooling emoji.

If you’re keen to try them, fear not, Helen has saved you hours of hunting high and low for the treats because she’s revealed where you can pick them up.

“The @baileysofficial blondies were a new find in @tescofood,” she revealed.

baileys cake
Baileys blondie, get in our bellies! (Credit: Instagram/HelenJTea)

More new cake bars

In other cake bar news – yes, that is officially a thing – Cadbury has also launched a new one, the Winter Gingerbread Cake Bar.

It too is on sale at Tesco and features chocolate cake topped with what looks like gingerbread-flavoured buttercream.

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This it then wrapped in Cadbury milk chocolate.

What’s more, a pack of five costs just £1.

“Need these!” said one soon-to-be fan.

Somehow we don’t reckon they’ll be the only person saying that…!

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