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Asda is selling Reese’s Easter eggs and the shells are stuffed’ with mini Reese’s Pieces

A rival for Cadbury's Mini Eggs egg?

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Asda is selling Reese’s Easter eggs that have mini Reese’s Pieces embedded in the shell.

And chocoholics are so delighted with the news they’ve said they’re not sure if they have the willpower to wait till Easter to eat them!

Well, with Good Friday falling on April 2, it is a good couple of months away…

Tuck into the chocolate now, we say!

Reese's pieces easter egg
The Reese’s Pieces egg costs £8 at Asda (Credit: NewFoodsUK)

What do we know about the Asda Easter eggs?

NewFoodsUK broke the news of the egg, which was previously on sale last Easter.

“So glad this Reese’s Pieces Egg is back again for Easter this year!” the post declared.

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The account also shared pictures of the egg – including a shot of the broken shell.

And, in the picture, the mini Reece’s Pieces in their candy-coated shells can be easily seen embedded inside the chocolate.


Reese's pieces easter egg
The egg is pretty and once it’s broken in half, it looks even sweeter (Credit: NewFoodsUK)

What have chocoholics said about the new find?

“Get yourself to Asda pronto!” on Reese’s fan declared, tagging a friend in a thinly-veiled hint.

“Oh stop it,” another person who appeared to be on a diet posted. “My heart is breaking.”

“Into pieces like the Reese’s?” a pal asked. “It’s a sign!”

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“I might buy one for when I reach my target weight,” came the reply.

I will be hunting this down ASAP. It won’t last till Easter.

“I want this very badly,” another Reese’s fan declared.

“Sweet Jesus,” said another, in keeping with the real spirit of Easter.

“Oh my God,” said another.

“I will be hunting this down ASAP,” said a third. “It won’t last till Easter.”

Reese's pieces easter egg
Feast your eyes on the Pieces inside the shell, Reese’s fans (Credit: NewFoodsUK)

Where can I get it and what does it cost?

As well as the chocolate egg with the Reese’s Pieces embedded inside the shell, the Easter egg also features three full-sized bars of Peanut Butter Cups.

It costs £8 and it’s being sold exclusively at Asda.

But will the egg prove to be a rival for Cadbury’s new Mini Eggs Easter egg, with tiny Mini Eggs embedded in the shell?

More than 50,000 loyal Entertainment Daily readers have so far told us they’ll be buying the egg this Easter.

We predict a riot!

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