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Sunday 12th July 2020

Asda is selling a Christmas tree with hundreds of five star customer reviews for just £35

Shoppers are "in love" with this snowy tree

It may not even be December yet but this hasn't stopped people up and down the nation from putting up their Christmas trees and festive decorations.

And this year an artificial Christmas tree available from Asda is earning glowing reviews... hundreds of them, in fact, from very pleased customers.

The 6ft snowy pine Christmas tree is just £35, which is cheaper than similar products from rival companies. Some comparable trees are going for upwards of £100.

The supermarket's offering has been described as "absolutely beautiful" and "stunning" by shoppers.

Here it is online! (Credit: Asda)

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Asda describes it as: "This 6ft snowy pine Christmas tree will make a gorgeous addition to the family home.

"Covered with a fine coating of fake snow, this tree contains 600 branch tips for a full and lifelike look - so they'll be no need to buy a fresh one!"

What a beautiful Xmas tree. It looks almost real

It is also listed as containing 600 tree tips, hinged branches and a metal stand.

And while customers are reminded to be careful with the tree around animals, one customer wrote that they had two pet cats that "hadn't been bothered or affected" by it.

Customers are saying it almost looks real and can't believe the price (Credit: Asda)

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One happy customer wrote: "Always wanted a snowy Christmas Tree daughters have one each..when up they look so nice. I would recommend and the price is brilliant."

Another satisfied shopper gushed: "I was dubious to buy this on line without seeing it, but was delighted with it. Good value too."

And a third praised: "What a beautiful Xmas tree. It looks almost real. Excellent quality for the price."

A fourth wrote: "This is the most beautiful Christmas tree I have had. This tree is just amazing. The snow affect makes it look beautiful with no need go add to much decoration. Would highly recommend."

More details about the tree (Credit: Asda)

Asda has a wide range of affordable Christmas products this year. It has also launched a Christmas themed gin range, including marshmallow and mince pies flavoured gins.

The supermarket has even launched a 'Christmas cracker' meal, which is essentially a roast dinner stuffed inside a massive sausage.

The indulgent dish includes a blend of turkey, pork, parsnip, Brussels sprouts and mashed potato - all engulfed in a sausage.

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