An entirely ‘delicious’ Biscoff cheesecake exists and fans say it’s the ‘best’ they’ve ‘ever eaten’

It's going straight in our basket!

Next time you’re in Waitrose doing your essentials shop, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for an extra-special Biscoff dessert.

We’re not entirely sure how it’s escaped our attention until now, but a Biscoff cheesecake exists and it’s apparently “absolutely delicious”.

“If you like Biscoff and you like cheesecake, you need this in your life!!” said one.

The Biscoff cheesecake costs £5 (Credit: Waitrose)

The cheesecake is sold at Waitrose but made by the English Cheesecake Company.

The blurb reads: “Creamy vanilla cheesecake swirled and topped with delicious Lotus Biscoff spread and crumb on a crunchy digestive biscuit base.”

Just in case you weren’t sure, it added: “Created with Lotus Biscoff.”

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It costs £5, serves six and is suitable for vegetarians.

“This is a firm family favourite. Totally delicious. Well worth trying,” said one fan.

“Best I’ve ever eaten”

Another added: “I love Lotus Biscoff and cheesecake so this is the perfect combination. Delicious and decadent, the best cheesecake I’ve ever eaten. Will definitely be buying this again. Yummmmm.”

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“Lovely caramel-tasting cheesecake with crumbled Lotus biscuits. This has quickly become a weekend favourite,” another commented.

Others even offered a serving suggestion for the cheesecake.

Boxes containing two slices are also on sale (Credit: Waitrose)

“Double down with some cream for the extra win. 100% recommended,” they said.

The Biscoff fan did find one issue with the cheesecake, though.

“The only problem with this product is that I haven’t been eating it since forever,” they joked.

And, if you can’t trust yourself to just have a small slice, the supermarket has the answer to that problem, too.

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It sells the cheesecakes in smaller boxes containing just two slices.

The box costs £3.30.

However, if you really want to push the boat out, head over to the English Cheesecake Company site.

If you like Biscoff and you like cheesecake you need this in your life!

There, you can order all manner of delicious cheesecakes – and they can be delivered direct to your door, too.

The site even caters for vegan Biscoff lovers.

A 2kg Biscoff cheesecake!

On the site, you’ll find a Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake Tray for £28. It serves 20, so only works out at £1.40 per slice.

Similarly, the delicious-looking Original Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake serves 14, weighs 1.8kg and costs £34.

It appears to be a bigger version of the Waitrose cheesecake.

You can order this little beauty direct to your door (Credit: English Cheesecake Company)

If it’s someone’s birthday, you can even personalise the cheesecakes.

The site can hand-pipe your message onto a chocolate disc that’ll sit on top of the cheesecake.

We know what we’ll be requesting for our birthday this year!

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