Christmas twix

A new Christmas Twix exists and early testers say it ‘really is delicious’

Winter Spice and all things nice!

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There’s a new Christmas Twix in town and it looks and sounds entirely delicious.

We were alerted to the breaking chocolate news by foodie blogger NewFoodsUK.

After spotting the find on sale in UK stores, they uploaded a picture of the Christmas Twix to Instagram.

“New Twix Winter Spice!!” the post screamed.

There’s a new Christmas Twix in town (Credit: Mars)

Christmas Twix in the house!

The caption accompanied a rather delicious looking picture of the Twix, complete with gooey caramel flowing out of the bar.

Probed further, NewFoodsUK revealed that the Twix tastes just like another Christmas treat – gingerbread!

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Asked if its similar to the Biscoff-tasting Speculoos Spice Twix bars that were imported into the UK last year, NewFoods revealed all the chocolatey details.

“No, it tastes nothing like Biscoff actually!” they told ED!.

“It’s more like a gingerbread! Really nice – it has a lovely cinnamon taste to it!”

Over on Instagram, Twix fans are already raving about the bar.

Christmas twix
Foodie bloggers love it (Credit: Instagram/NewFoodsUK)

What have early testers said?

“I had one a few days back, they really are delicious,” said one Winter Spice fan.

“It tastes lovely,” said another, “like cinnamon.”

Others were pretty keen to try it.

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“Sign me up!” one soon-to-be fan declared.

“NEED IT!” screamed another.

It’s more like a gingerbread! Really nice – it has a lovely cinnamon taste to it!

“Our next Twix to hunt down,” said another, tagging their friend.

” OMG! And supersize too!” came the swift reply.

Christmas twix
Sugar and spice and all things nice from Twix this Christmas (Credit: Mars)

Where can I get it?

Well, if you feel the same, it’s time to hit the shops.

The Winter Spice Twix is on sale in the Co-op for £1 for the Xtra-sized bar.

There’s a bargain to be had if you want two, however, as you can currently pick up two of them for £1.50.

This makes them just 75p each – or just over 37p a finger.

At Londis, NewFoods said they’d spotted the Twix Winter Spice Xtra packets on sale for £1.50 each.

Be quick if you want one, though. The bars are a limited edition.

So many Christmas chocolate launches

The new spiced flavour Christmas Twix certainly bucks this year’s chocolate orange trend.

With just over two months till the big day, the chocolate market has been saturated with chocolate orange offerings.

Not that we’re complaining. Here at ED!, we say bring on ALL the festive chocolate!

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