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A limited-edition box of Lotus Biscoff chocolates exist and they look absolutely insane

Catch them while you can, they won't be around forever

Lotus Biscoff fans, listen up, because do we have some delicious news for you.

A new box of Biscoff chocolates exists and they look insane.

With milk, dark and white chocolates, there really is something for everyone.

We’re drooling and, we imagine, so are you!

lotus biscoff
Lotus Biscoff has launched a limited-edition box of chocolates (Credit: Instagram/HelenJTea)

What do we know about the new Lotus Biscoff box of chocolates?

Instagram foodie Helen J Tea shared her box (although sadly only via social media, not in real life) with her followers.

She said: “Which Biscoff chocolate would you choose?

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“In order of first appearance we have dark chocolate with Biscoff spread, milk chocolate with Biscoff spread, dark chocolate with Biscoff biscuit, milk chocolate with Biscoff biscuit and white chocolate with Biscoff biscuit!”

The resounding answer from her followers, and indeed us, was: “All of them!”

Helen, a fan of the Biscoff chocolate bars that have been on sale for a while, added: “Love the bars so definitely enjoyed these little chocolates.”

However, she did have just one small complaint if you’re reading this, Lotus.

“Really wish they would make a white chocolate Biscoff spread filled bar though!”

lotus biscoff
There are three different chocolate types and two different fillings in the box (Credit: Instagram/HelenJTea)

How did Biscoff fans react to the chocolate news?

In short, they were wowed.

One fan simply commented: “Wow.”

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“Will you stop it!!!!!” pleaded another. “You’re making me drool!”

“I need a box,” declared another.

“We may need to purchase these,” said another Biscoff fan, tagging their pal.

“I won’t rest until we have them,” came the response.

“Omg!!! I need these!!!” declared another.

lotus biscoff
A milk chocolate filled with Lotus Biscoff spread (Credit: Instagram/HelenJTea)

Where can you buy the new box of chocolates?

Sadly you won’t find them in your local corner shop.

Helen bought hers at an online sweet retailer and GB Gifts has them listed on its site.

However, they’re currently out of stock.

But fear not Lotus Biscoff fans, because a note on the website states they’ll be back in stock soon!

“Limited Edition Lotus Biscoff Chocolate Collection Box, including all flavours of Lotus Biscoff chocolate,” the listing reads

“Sold out but don’t worry more stock is due in next week.”

If you want to try them, they retail at £12.99 on the site.

One word of warning though, the chocolates are limited edition, so catch them while you can!

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