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A full-size Biscoff KitKat Chunky exists and it’s coming to UK shores ‘very soon’

The launch has been very much welcomed by KitKat fans!

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A full-size Biscoff KitKat Chunky exists and, not only that, it’s set to launch in the UK “very soon”.

The dreamy team up between Lotus and Nestle was announced on Instagram, with one foodie blogger sharing a picture of the new bars.

The packaging looks mouthwatering, with the same KitKat Chunky wafers covered in thick milk chocolate.

However, this time there’s a generous layer of Biscoff spread in there too.

biscoff kitkat chunky bar
There’s a new KitKat Chunky in town (Credit: Snacking In Saudi)

Fans ‘need’ new KitKat Chunky Biscoff

“These will be amazing,” said one soon-to-be fan, who surely speaks for us all!

“We neeeeeeed these!” said another tagging their pal in the post.

“OMG!” said another, with no less than 15 love heart eye emojis.

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“Oh my gawd!” another exclaimed.

“Bet these are well nice,” said another.

Chunky Kitkats are the best! And when it has Biscoff inside… say no more!

“Chunky Kitkats are the best! And when it has Biscoff inside… say no more!” another declared.

“OMG this is like our heaven,” said another chocoholic, tagging their pal.

“Obviously I need them!” said another, responding to a friend who’d tagged them in the post.

montage of KitKat chunky biscoff bars on blue background
The new KitKats will be on sale in the UK “Very soon” (Credit: GB Gifts)

Where can I get them – and when?

Sadly the new Biscoff bars won’t be on sale in UK shops.

However, you will be able to buy them in the UK.

They are due to go on sale on sweetie import website GB Gifts “very soon”.

Rob from the site exclusively told Entertainment Daily: “I am expecting delivery early November.”

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You can sign up for an alert that’ll tell you when stock goes live here.

The 40g bars are made by KitKat Arabia and are already on sale in Saudi Arabian supermarkets and they’ve been spotted in Egypt.

You’ll be able to buy them on our shores though for £1.99 each, plus P&P, on the GB gifts site.

Announcing the news on Instagram, Snacking In Saudi seemed thrilled at the launch.

Uploading an image featuring three of the new bars, the post read: “New KitKat Chunky Lotus!”

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KitKat throws a ‘curveball’

It added: “OMG!! I’ve been waiting for this launch for months now and it’s FINALLY here! KitKat threw a curveball and launched a new FULL-SIZE CHUNKY WITH LOTUS BISCOFF.

“The strange thing is, these are made in DUBAI by KitKat Arabia and they’re already in Egypt. After the successful launch of KitKat Arabia’s Lotus Mini Moments, this was just a no-brainer,” the post concluded.

The Mini Moments – essentially a mini KitKat Chunky with Biscoff – were another Nestle import into the UK earlier this year.

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