lockdown haircuts

The 10 most hilarious lockdown haircuts – and even the dog is sporting a buzzcut!

Step away from the scissors!

Brits have resorted to desperate measures during the second week of lockdown and have been sharing some pretty hilarious lockdown haircuts.

Yes, even the dog isn’t immune as people up and down the country reach for their scissors and shavers to give themselves a new ‘do.

Here’s our pick of Twitter’s best (we really mean worst!)…

Oh brother…

Kids do the funniest things, but we’re guessing the parents weren’t laughing at how these lockdown haircuts turned out.



Hair today…

Those unable to cut their own hair have been asking others in lockdown with them to take charge of the scissors.

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And them promptly regretting it.


I swear this cut looked good from the front.


Others – presumably spending lockdown alone – took matters into their own hands.




With divorce rates expected to rise, we’re betting lockdown haircut will be cited as a reason for more than a few splits!


Matching pair

A cut so good they did it twice…


Poor pooch

Pretzel’s owners have apologised for his lockdown haircut.

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However, they weren’t that sorry that they decided against further humiliation and promptly shared his pic!


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