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Tuesday 18th February 2020

Mum slammed for calling out supermarket check-out staff’s ‘disgusting’ habit to other shoppers

Carrier bags problems!

What started as an innocent question on Mumsnet quickly spiralled out of control.

One mum got more than she bargained for after she started an innocent-enough thread asking if fellow users thought it was "disgusting when checkout staff lick their fingers to open the bags".

How do you bag yours? (Credit: Cover Images)

She posted: "I absolutely hate this when I go shopping. I rarely forget my bags, but on the occasion I do and I need to buy a bag, it drives me up the wall when the staff member licks their thumb, opens the bag and proceeds to handle my food."

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She added: "I was in a bakers recently and bought a sausage roll and the guy serving licked his finger to open the paper bag. I was nearly sick and thought how disgusting is that."

Seeking support from the online community, she concluded: "Was talking to my friend about it the other and she finds it disgusting too. She said: 'They may as well spit on you.' And I quite agree."

Mumsnet users have been chatting about going wild in the aisles (Credit: Unsplash)

"Open your own bag," came one reply.

"Just curious, but how do you expect them to open the bag?" another asked.

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"I assume they try to open it before licking their finger, but if they can't, then what? Most places just give you a bag without licking their finger anyway," said another.

The easy answer is to say you’ll pack it yourself. Or bring your own bag and stop whining.

"The easy answer is to say you’ll pack it yourself. Or bring your own bag and stop whining," another offered.

Another wondered if the shopper used a trolley, which are "stored outside in the dirt and wind and rain and probably have rat urine on them".

One woman asked if the shopper used a trolley for her shopping as they're often left outside in the elements (Credit: Unsplash)

One mum had a solve-all answer to the problem, though.

"I avoid cashiers like the plague and use self-service whenever possible," she said.

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