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Friday 21st February 2020

Morrisons selling chocolate flavoured WINE for limited time this Christmas

One shopper has branded it "chocolate heaven in a cup"

Aldi and Morrisons are selling chocolate flavoured wine in time for Christmas this year.

The supermarkets are both offering the wine, which combines two of most people's favourite things and put it into one bottle for Brits to enjoy over the festive period.

The Rubis Chocolate Wine is made from Spanish Tempranillo grapes and is infused with chocolate, hints of spice, cherries and vanilla.

The wine is infused with chocolate, hints of spice, cherries and vanilla (Credit: Aldi)

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We're salivating right now.

It's been said that the vino tastes just like "Christmas in a cup".

The bottle is 50cl and costs £9.99 in Aldi and £9.50 at Morrisons, but it may only be available for a limited time.

The wine will be available to buy in stores and online from now until December 31.

On the Aldi website, the product description reads: "An incredibly indulgent fortified wine for an extra-special treat. It blends Tempranillo with premium chocolate essences with mouthwatering results!

Shoppers have branded the wine "chocolate heaven in a bottle" (Credit: Aldi)

"There are aromas of bold cherry, spices, fresh vanilla and chocolate. The flavours are smooth, rich and velvety, with a subtle sweetness and delicious layers of chocolatey flavour.

"Why not have a go at a delicious Rubis Espresso Martini? Simply add 50ml of Rubis Chocolate and 25ml of Saint Gérmont Premium Vodka to a cocktail shaker with 1 shot of espresso.

"Shake well and strain into a chilled martini glass. Finally, garnish with a little cinnamon or chocolate for the perfect finishing touch."

This wine is the most amazing find, it's beautiful to drink.

Shoppers have raved about the wine, with one person branding it "chocolate heaven in a bottle".

The person wrote: "Omg I absolutely love Rubis Chocolate Wine. Forget Red, White and Rosè and simply let your pallet indulge in this. Such a smooth and sophisticated taste. To die for.

"I ordered 12 bottles for Christmas but have had to order more as I only have a few left."

Wine + chocolate is the perfect combo, right?! (Credit: Pexels)

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Another said: "This wine is the most amazing find, it's beautiful to drink. It's smooth, luxurious and tastes like heaven.

"Please never stop selling this wine, everyone I've recommended has got it and is now totally hooked on it too."

A third added: "I bought this a few weeks ago! What a luxury rich red wine with chocolate! It’s sweet!"

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