Mini Biscoff KitKats are available to buy in the UK and chocoholics say they’re a ‘dream come true’

KitKats with a cookie butter centre? YUM!

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Nestle’s mini Biscoff KitKats have been called a “dream come true” by early testers.

The KitKat Mini Moments with Lotus Biscoff spread are just like little KitKat Chunky bars – except they have a hidden layer of delicious crunchy Biscoff spread lurking beneath the thick milk chocolate.

Is your mouth watering yet? Ours certainly is!

The KitKat Mini Moments with Lotus Biscoff are available in the UK now (Credit: ED!)

The team up between Nestle and the makers of the popular cookie butter spread will no doubt come at music to the ears of confectionary fans.

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When the new KitKats were posted online, one blogger said the collaboration was a “dream come true”.

She said: “Yes that’s right you can now get BISCOFF KitKats! For me this is basically a dream come true as KitKats are my favourite chocolate bar and Biscoff is not only my favourite spread but my favourite flavour!”

The KitKats feature a layer of Biscoff spread under a layer of thick milk chocolate (Credit: Instagram/HelenJTea)

She added: “They are basically like a mini KitKat Chunky – they are small but the chocolate is thick and there is a decent layer of spread.”

We’ve sampled one (okay, we ate the whole bag) and we have to say they really are the most delicious KitKat we’ve ever eaten.

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“You took the words right out of my mouth – KitKat Chunky is my fave bar and cookie butter my fave flavour,” said one sure-to-be fan.

Another added: “Can’t wait to try!”

“What?! OMG!” exclaimed another.

“Two of my fave things in one right there,” said another.

You can buy a pack of seven of the bars online (Credit: Instagram/HelenJTea)

“BISCOFF!!!! OMG looks amazing!!!” another added.

They KitKats – which have been imported from Dubai – have just landed in the UK and you can buy them online at GB Gifts.

They are basically like a mini KitKat Chunky – they are small but the chocolate is thick and there is a decent layer of spread.

Two of the mini 17.5g KitKats are priced at £2.99 plus postage and packing, or you can get a packet of seven in the sale for £9.99.

Go on, treat yourself!

The team up between Nestle and Lotus has been hailed as a “dream come true” (Credit: GB Gifts)

News that the Biscoff KitKats are available on our not-so-sunny shores comes after the KitKat Honeycomb Smash became available to buy in the UK.

Elsewhere, KitKat fans can celebrate Easter with the cute mini KitKat Bunnies, or head to the Co-op for the delicious white chocolate and caramel-covered KitKat Gold.

The latter has been described by fans as a “gift from the gods”.

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