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Sunday 23rd February 2020

McDonald's customers can get a FREE McMuffin this Sunday

And there are some free fries on offer, too!

Fast food fave McDonald's is treating its customers to something very special this Sunday – a free breakfast!

Throughout January, the fast-food chain has been running a promotion called 'Appy Days' to encourage people to download its app.

And as a thank you to those who have, McMuffins are being offered on the house.

If you qualify you can head down to McDonald's tomorrow morning (Sunday 26 January) and you'll be able to enjoy a single McMuffin free of charge.

Customers can pick up a single McMuffin for free (Credit: McDonald's)

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That means you can tuck into a sausage and egg, a bacon and egg or a cheese and egg McMuffin without putting your hand in your pocket!

The usual price of these items varies from restaurant to restaurant, but with the sausage/bacon and egg version typically costing £2.49, and the cheese and egg coming in at around £2.09, you'll make a decent saving.

To qualify for your free McMuffin, all you have to do is download the McDonald's app (from either Google Play or the App Store) onto your smartphone.

Once it's downloaded, look for the 'Deals' section and that's where you'll find the free breakfast offer.

The cheese and egg McMuffin is suitable for non-meat eaters (Credit: McDonald's)

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Brilliantly, you can still get a free McMuffin even if you've already taken advantage of a McDonald's offer this month.

All but 28 of the 1,200 McDonald's branches across the UK will be taking part in the free McMuffin promotion.

Since its introduction in 1972, the McMuffin has been hugely popular with diners seeking a quick and tasty breakfast.

It's also relatively healthy, with the sausage and egg option containing 430 calories and the bacon and egg containing 310 calories.

The cheese and egg variety – ideal for those who don't eat meat – has just 295 calories.

And there's another treat on offer for McDonald's customers tomorrow – the restaurant chain is giving out free fries to those people who have the app on their phone.

It could be a busy one – better set the alarm and get down there early!

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