Hungry Horse pubs are selling a lasagne baked INSIDE two pizzas and it looks unreal!

We're not drooling, you are!

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Finally the food gods have delivered the answer to our life-long pizza or pasta conundrum.

Yes, carb fans, now you really do have permission to scoff both – after all, we’ve surely all felt the shame of ordering a light pasta starter followed by a pizza main.

The answer to all our greedy mozzarella-drenched prayers, this bad boy will see pizza and pasta served as part of the same dish.

It would be rude not to, right?

The Lasagne-in-a-Pizza offers a true taste of Italy (Credit: Hungry Horse)

The Hungry Horse pub chain launched its spring menu earlier this week and taking pride of place is a slice of Italian heaven that combines both lasagne and pizza.

And it even comes with a side of chips. We’ll have all the carbs please, waiter!

Let us introduce you to Hungry Horse’s epic Lasagne-in-a-Pizza dish.

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The blurb states: “Our classic beef lasagne sandwiched between two freshly baked Margherita pizzas and served with Napolitana dip and fries.”

And if that drool-worthy description wasn’t enough to tempt you, we’re sure the price will.

Our classic beef lasagne sandwiched between two freshly baked Margherita pizzas and served with Napolitana dip and fries.

It’s gone on sale for less than a tenner!

Yes, for just £9.49, you can enjoy cheesy, beefy lasagne baked between two pizzas that are oozing mozzarella.

The new dish is on sale in all 266 restaurants in the UK (Credit: Hungry Horse)

“*Screams in Italian!*” said one person who was clearly keen to test the meal.

We’re not sure about being so hungry we could eat a horse, but we could definitely devour this.

But before you get too carried away and head along to your nearer Hungry Horse wearing a pair of elasticated-waist trousers, the meal is designed as a sharer.

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There are 266 Hungry Horse pubs nationwide – and they’re all serving the dish.

You can thank us later!

If pizza and KFC is more up your dinner street, then we hope you got a chance to savour the KFC/Pizza Hut hybrid Popcorn Chicken pizza.

The limited-edition Popcorn Chicken pizza launched earlier this year (Credit: KFC/Pizza Hut)

It launched earlier this year for a limited time only and featured a Margherita pizza base topped with Popcorn Chicken and sweetcorn.

What made it super special, though, was that instead of the regular tomato base, the limited-edition pizza was slathered in KFC’s iconic gravy.

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