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Sunday 23rd February 2020

Roberts bakery unveils hot cross buns made from 'upcycling waste bread'

Still taste the same, though, apparently

With Good Friday looming large on the horizon, the nation is preparing for another hot cross bun 'fest.

Toasted with a bit of butter, it's no wonder bun lovers can't wait to get stuck into them once a year.

Now British bakers Roberts has unveiled its latest unusual recipe for its hot cross buns.

Not only do they come packed in recyclable paper, but they're also made from 'waste' bread.

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Unveiling the launch of the 'luxury enriched buns', it's the bakery's first foray into reusing ingredients.

The buns have been made from 'wonky' white loaves that would have otherwise been disposed of.

But there's no scrimping on taste - as the buns have also been made with orange oil, sultanas, candied citrus fruits and bread ferment.

"UK household food waste is shocking – particularly so around the bread and bakery category," said Alison Ordonez, Roberts director of innovation, told The Grocer magazine.

"We looked at ways we could upcycle the waste from some of our highest volume lines into other products.

"The best and most impactful way to do this is to upcycle our slightly misshapen family-favourite white loaves by adding them into our fermenter as ‘food feed’ for our starter culture."

Roberts isn't the only bakery to use waste bread in its products.

Bakery chain Gail's launched a sourdough loaf in 2018 that was made from leftover bread.

The leftover bread was 'turned into a ‘porridge’ and added to white flour, malt and a starter culture' before it was baked and sold throughout its stores.

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In the same year, Roberts announced that it would be packing its products in 100% recyclable paper, and now its Easter buns are following suit.

The hot cross buns can be bought in Tesco for £1.39 for a pack of four.

Launching the product on its Instagram page, it said: "Have you heard the fantastic news?

"Our NEW Ultimate Hot Cross Buns are now available at a Tesco near you. Who’s excited to give them a try?"

The bakery's followers were quick to share their delight at the product.

"Ooooooo... I'll be on a mission to hunt those down," one said.

Another follower commented: "Can't wait to try them."

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