Food fans clash over what kind of potato you should have on your Christmas dinner

Roasties, mash or both... what do you think?

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On Christmas afternoon, families up and down the country will sit around the dinner table to pull a cracker and have a good feed.

However, there seems to be some debate over what kind of food should be served up on the most important day of the year.

Whereas some people insist on having roast potatoes AND mash with the Christmas turkey (or vegetarian option), others are adamant that mash has no place on the festive dinner plate.

And the topic has been causing quite a stir with food fans online.

Christmas dinner
Some like to have roast potatoes AND mash. (Credit: Jeff McNeill/Flickr)

The row erupted after a survey by Seasonal Spuds, which questioned 1,800 people in England, Scotland and Wales about their Christmas dinner preferences.

The poll found that people in the north are much more likely to double up on their potatoes than folk in the south.

We were stunned to see such a north south divide on mash.

Up to three-quarters of respondees in the North East of England said they like to have both roast potatoes and mash as part of their festive feast.

In comparison, just 25 per cent of Londoners replied that they like both types of spud on their plate.

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The results have sparked controversy online, with plenty of people having their say on the subject.

One person insisted on Twitter: “Mash and roasties together. Can’t have enough potatoes.”

Roast potatoes
Roasties should be the only potato on the plate, some say (Credit: Pixabay)

But another scoffed: “Imagine spending your first Christmas with your partner and finding out they have MASH on their Christmas dinner.”

And a third person agreed: “NO NO NO, never mash with Christmas dinner. That’s sacrilege.”

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For Jackie Baker, of potato firm Branston, the results of the poll came as a surprise.

She said: “We were stunned to see such a north south divide on mash.”

Christmas dinner
Families get together for Christmas dinner every year (Credit: Piqsels)

“There is one thing the nation can agree on, however, and that’s our love of roast potatoes.

“Regardless of age, gender or location, the survey placed roast potatoes at the top of people’s dinner wish list this Christmas.”

We don’t know about you, but all this talk of food is making us hungry!”

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