Do you love it or hate it? Marmite is looking for its biggest hater!

And the brand wants to hypnotise you!

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By far the most-talked-about breakfast product since sliced bread, Marmite has been dividing consumers since it’s release in 1902.

Love it or hate it, Marmite is certainly something that divides us Brits.

Now the brand has announced that it’s scouring the nation to find the spread’s biggest haters.

If you really really hate Marmite, the brand needs you (Credit: Marmite)

And, once it finds them, it plans to hypnotise you into liking the yeasty toast topping.

Yes, the brand believes it has found a way to convert even the biggest haters into lovers – using the power of hypnosis.

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By visiting the brand’s website, haters can apply for a unique mind control experience, which will see them walk away a fan of the savoury spread.

After answering a series of questions via the website, a panel of participants will be selected to ensure they meet eligibility requirements.

Once finalised, the winners will travel to London to watch a hypnosis film – under strictly controlled conditions because they believe the film to be so powerful that it cannot be distributed widely or viewed by anyone under the age of 18.

Do you think you could be hypnotised into liking the spread? (Credit: Marmite)

Trained hypnotist Rory Z Fulcher said: “In order to change the taste perceptions of our participants, I’ll be using hypnotherapy techniques. These are used to create positive, measurable changes in thoughts, behaviours and habits.”

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He added: “In order to take part, our participants have to want to be hypnotised because hypnosis is a self-generated state, which means if someone doesn’t want to be hypnotised, then it’s highly unlikely they’ll go into a hypnotic state.”

The Twitterverse seemed keen to by hypnotised into liking the spread, with one asking the brand to “take my mind”.

Others weren’t convinced about the brand’s powers of persuasion, though.

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