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Tuesday 25th February 2020

Christmas food guide recommends only ONE or TWO small roast potatoes per festive meal

Er, no

A Christmas dinner guide has sparked anger after it recommended that festive cooks only include two small roast potatoes and four to six Brussel sprouts in each Xmas meal.

The guide, which appeared in the BBC Good Food Magazine, suggested that one of the key components to a Christmas dinner - roast potatoes - should be kept to a minimum.

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One reader pointed out the horrifying recommendation on Twitter.

She said: "I love BBC Good Food Magazine, but this is all kinds of wrong.

"Imagine a Christmas dinner with one roast potato each."

It wasn't long before an army of roastie lovers echoed her thoughts.

Christmas dinner with only one roast potato each? (Credit: Pexels)

The guide suggested that only two small roast potatoes or one big one was enough.

It also recommended four to six Brussels sprouts each and only 100ml gravy per head, while it thought that one whole parsnip would be perfect for one person.

It's five roast potatoes minimum, with the option to have at least two or three from the 'extras' bowl.

One Twitter user responded to her post by asking: "Is this the days of rationing?"

Another commented: "Actually a food crime.

"It's five roast potatoes minimum, with the option to have at least two or three from the 'extras' bowl.

"And no one I know wants one whole parsnip to themselves!"

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The magazine responded by producing a detailed diagram in defence of its suggestion.

It said: "There's been some heated Christmas dinner debate today, so here are our workings.

"Rest assured there are plenty of us in the Good Food offices with giant festive appetites who'd up the quantities too (particularly the gravy).

"We love how passionate you all are about potatoes!"

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