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Bakery launches baked bean and tomato ketchup flavoured cupcakes

Our mouths aren't exactly watering…

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If you’re one of those people who can’t eat their evening meal without drenching it in tomato ketchup then you’re in luck.

The London-based Hummingbird Bakery has announced a collaboration with Heinz, which will see five new cupcake flavours launched.

They are inspired by the brand’s best-sellers and will be on sale for a limited time only to celebrate Heinz’s 150th anniversary.

Tomato Ketchup cupcake, anyone? (Credit: Hummingbird Bakery)

Available from October 11 till 20, each of the bakery’s six sites across the capital will be giving away the cupcakes for free to the first 25 customers through their doors on Friday (October 11).

After that they’ll be priced at £3.45 each.

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As well at tomato ketchup flavour cupcakes, customers can also enjoy sweet treats flavoured with Heinz Salad Cream and Heinz Seriously Good Mayonnaise.

For fans of Heinz Beanz, there’s also going to be a cupcake flavoured with those.

Mayonnaise fans will be in for a treat with this cupcake infused with the stuff (Credit: Hummingbird Bakery)

And let’s not forget that delicious-sounding Heinz Tomato Soup-flavoured cupcake.

Yes, really!

The ketchup cupcake is an update on the brand’s best-selling red velvet cake, with the tomato sauce bringing “a sweetness” to the cake.

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The Heinz Benz cupcake is similar to a carrot cake, and “pairs wonderfully” with maple syrup cream cheese frosting.

The Heinz Salad Cream cupcake combines strawberries and balsamic vinegar with a salad cream-flavoured sponge.

We’re keen to try out the new flavours – are you? (Credit: Hummingbird Bakery)

Heinz marketing manager Alexandra Bayet said: “When we approached the talented Hummingbird team with the idea for these 150th birthday cupcakes, they immediately saw the potential.”

She added: “They went away and created these incredible cupcakes – some of which shouldn’t work but somehow do – and blew us away.”

The five limited-edition flavours (Credit: Hummingbird Bakery)

She continued: “We are super-proud of this limited-edition range of cupcakes to celebrate 150 years of Heinz and our founder Henry J Heinz’s birthday.”

Hummingbird teased the launch and the freebie cupcake giveaway on their Twitter account, not yet revealing the flavours.

However, the news is out there and the Twittersphere isn’t too impressed!

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