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Saturday 22nd February 2020

Asda is selling UNICORN ice cream cones and parents can't wait to get their hands on them

Customers are hyped for the magical ices, even though it is winter!

Children love magical things – so the latest foodie item from Asda is bound to go down a treat with the little ones.

The supermarket chain is selling 'Unicorn Cones' – Cornetto-style ice creams that look and taste like something out of a fairy story.

And with these own-brand ices costing just £1 for four, they could prove a big hit with families this summer.

Unicorn ice cream is not an entirely new concept – Asda already sells tubs of the stuff, as well as unicorn ice lollies. However, we're sure it is not made from real unicorns.

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Comments written on the Asda Facebook page last summer suggest that customers love the unlikelu taste.

One wrote: "It's gorgeous – me n my grand-daughter were eating it the other day."

This ice cream is absolutely divine, bought to share with my daughter. She loves it. It's very tasty.

Another said: "This ice cream is soooooo good, and I love the colours of it too - so bright. Will definitely be buying again."

And a third added: "This ice cream is absolutely divine, bought to share with my daughter. She loves it. It's very tasty."

Unicorn ice lollies are also available (Credit: Asda)

But the unicorn ice cream cones could be even more popular, as kids will be able to easily help themselves from the freezer.

One hopeful purchaser gushed: "My little girl would love these."

"All of my kids will go crazy for these," added another mum.

And another parent added: "Forget the children, I want the box to myself!"

Kids are going to love them this summer (Credit: Pxhere)

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So what exactly is unicorn ice cream? Well, let's just say that you'll need a sweet tooth to enjoy it!

It contains a mixture of red strawberry and blue candyfloss ice cream, along with marshmallow-flavoured sauce and a topping of unicorn-shaped sprinkles.

Asda is not the only supermarket chain to have latched onto the concept of unicorn ice cream cones.

Asda also sells unicorn ice cream in tubs (Credit: Asda)

Aldi also does a version made of white chocolate, containing strawberry and vanilla ice cream, and topped with rice crispie sweets and strawberry sauce.

These ones cost £1.19 for a packet of four.

It might not be ice cream weather just yet, but these delicious treats are sure to be on plenty of shopping lists come summer!

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