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Sunday 23rd February 2020

Amazon is selling a 5-in-1 TOASTER that creates the perfect cooked breakfast

Mid-week fry up, anyone?

For those who look forward to their weekend full English, we have some very good news.

Now there's no reason why you should've have your favourite brekkie on the other five days of the week, too.

While we're aware that the traditional way of cooking your fry up may be too time-consuming before work, not to mention involve a lot of washing up, a new kitchen gadget has arrived to put a stop to all that.

Full English coming right up (Credit: Unsplash)

Step forward a 5-in-1 toaster being sold by online shopping gods Amazon.

The Aicok 5-in-1 Toaster has an in-built egg boiler and poachers, a two-slice toaster, a mini frying pan and a steamer.

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So you can toast your bread, warm croissants thanks to the bread roll attachment, boil, poach or fry eggs and warm your beans or chopped tomatoes in just five minutes.

You can make a quick and easy cooked breakfast using the toaster (Credit: Amazon)

You'll even have time to spare to put the kettle on and make yourself a cup of coffee.

If you're cooking for more than one, the machine also boils up to five eggs at a time.

Yes, really!

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It comes with a three-compartment heater for beans and tomatoes, which you can then remove and use the hot plate beneath to fry up an egg or strips of bacon.

When it comes to the washing up, you'll have just one or two compartments to wash up. And, because they're non-stick, even that'll be a breeze.

Using the toaster's attachments you'll be able to create a full English (Credit: Amazon)

The toaster is priced at £42.99 – and it's available on Prime, so a mid-week fry up could be yours!

Fans of the toaster have left reviews for the product, and it seems to be going down a storm.

I love this toaster! At first I was skeptical because of the high price but it's worth every penny.

One said: "I have not used used the Aicok for frying anything but eggs, but am going to try the poacher as I prefer them. I also will have a go at mushrooms and bacon. I always use the toaster for my toast and beans."

Another added: "I love this toaster! At first I was skeptical because of the high price for a toaster but it's worth every penny. Fried egg (with a little oil in the pans) works great, scrambled eggs too."

Breakfast fans are raving about th 5-in-1 toaster (Credit: Amazon)

And, if you want to use your new kitchen gadget of an evening, make it multi-task for you by using the steam basket to cook meat, fish and vegetables.

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