Will Dec be going it alone while Ant is in rehab?

Fears are that Ant might be out of action for some time

Can you imagine Ant without Dec? Or Dec without Ant?

No…nor can we. It’s like cornflakes without milk or Katie Hopkins without controversy.

But for the next few months, it looks like we’re going to have to get used to an Antless Dec on TV.

For the first time in 23 years, the best presenting duo ever has been torn apart by McPartlin’s battle with booze and prescription drugs.

Could Dec be presenting alone now Ant is out of action? (Credit: FameFlynet)

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The 41-year-old has checked himself into rehab and the duo are going to have to go their separate ways while things sort themselves out.

ITV have a multi-million pound contract with the pair who front the channel’s biggest shows but bosses have apparently granted Ant a year off to get back on his feet.

It won’t be easy. The TV favourite’s problems seem to stem from a busted knee that required constant painkillers which became addictive.

The dramatic development with Ant’s health throws various shows into doubt.

Will Dec present I’m a Celebrity alone in November? Will there be one presenter for Saturday Night Takeaway now Ant has been taken away from his commitments?

Will Ant be able to co-present I’m A Celeb in November? (Credit: ITV)

Insiders say no decision’s been made about how the TV shows will be filmed. Speaking to the Daily Mail, the source said:

“Formally, Ant has no work commitments until November and obviously the hope is that he will be completely better by then, and able to fulfil them.

“But ITV will not rush him in any way, and the feeling is he must take as long as he needs.”

Luckily, it looks like Ant’s diary is surprisingly empty for the time being anyway.

Apart from I’m A Celebrity, Ant and Dec’s next shoots are Saturday Night Takeaway and the new series of Britain’s Got Talent which begin in February 2018.

Ant might be back for Saturday Night Takeaway that takes place in 2018 (Credit: ITV)

The future could look very different for Ant and Dec fans though, with friends hinting that Ant might be ready to start cutting back on some of their projects.

It’s certainly been a non-stop rollercoaster since the days of Byker Grove in the ‘90s. The pair literally haven’t stopped with pop singles, then teen TV hit CD:UK followed by a string of nationwide success stories.

After Byker Grove, they made their name on SM:TV (Credit: ITV)

Their meteoric rise has made them both multi-millionaires with jet set lifestyles but this latest crushing news goes to show that fame and wealth have their own price.

Ant released a statement at the weekend admitting to substance abuse with the painkiller Tramadol after a botched knee operation. He also turned to alcohol to dull the pain.

“I feel like I have let a lot of people down and for that I am truly sorry,” he said.

Ant who is in rehab has apologised to his wife Lisa Armstrong and Dec. (credit: FameFlynet)

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“I want to thank my wife, family and closest friends for helping me through this really difficult time.

“I’ve spoken out because I think it’s important that people ask for help if they’re going through a rough time and get the proper treatment to help their recovery.”

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