Wicked EastEnders viewers in stitches as starving Denise tucks into a Full English

The hungry student couldn't get enough of Patrick's bacon, egg and sausage

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EastEnders’ Denise Fox has been struggling financially for months and has even been starving herself because she couldn’t afford to buy food.

But, praise the Lord, Patrick Truman came home this week and finally got to the bottom of what’s been going on.

And when he made her a cooked breakfast, the internet exploded with jokes as Denise tucked in and ate some proper food.

Denise couldn’t wait to get stuck into her cooked breakfast (Credit: BBC)

After spending the weeks while Patrick’s been in Trinidad, searching bins for food and savouring the half a biscuit she got given at the job centre, Denise was so hungry as Patrick put the plate full of bacon, sausages, toast and eggs in front of her that she didn’t even wait for him to sit down before she started tucking in.

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Denise was in heaven as she ate the food (Credit: BBC)

She closed her eyes as she swallowed the first bite and sighing loudly, told him: “Patrick, you don’t half know how to cook a breakfast, I’ll give you that.”

Viewers found the whole scene hilarious, tweeting about her “sex noises” and how quickly she was eating the food.

After breakfast, Patrick decided Kim needed to know the truth, despite the fact Denise had made him promise not to tell.

He visited Mrs Fox-Hubbard and filled her in on exactly what had been going on with her sister.

Patrick was angry with Kim for not looking out for Denise – to be fair, she had tried (Credit: BBC)

As Kim insisted it wasn’t her fault, it was Denise’s stubborn streak that made her refuse to ask for help, it was Vincent who made her see she needed to make amends with Denise.

Trying as hard as she possibly could to be tactful, which we all know isn’t Kim’s strength, Kim went to see her sis and tried to be sympathetic.

It all seemed to be going really well until Kim opened her purse, pulled out a wad of 20s, handed them to Denise and said: “There’s plenty more where that came from.”

Denise was ungrateful for Kim’s method of helping (Credit: BBC)

She then revealed she was taking Dee shopping to get a new outfit and hair and nails done for job interviews.

Denise was not impressed. She threw the money back in Kim’s face and stormed out.

It didn’t take fans long to start railing at Denise about her behaviour towards Kim, who viewers felt was only trying to help, even if she did go about it in the wrong way.

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If nothing else, Denise needs a tenner to pay back her teacher who she borrowed money from on Monday night.

Will she ever stop being so stubborn and accept the help she needs?

After all, she could always pay Kim back once she starts working again. It beats starving, doesn’t it?