WHY is everyone making such a fuss about Love Island’s Camilla?

If you were to describe a typical Love Island gal – what would you say? Brash, brassy, surgically enhanced, overly made up and willing to have sex on the telly? So what the hell is Camilla Thurlow doing on the show? She looks – and acts – like butter wouldn’t melt. Read more: Corrie viewers praise “heartbreaking” […]

If you were to describe a typical Love Island gal – what would you say?

Brash, brassy, surgically enhanced, overly made up and willing to have sex on the telly?

So what the hell is Camilla Thurlow doing on the show? She looks – and acts – like butter wouldn’t melt.

Camilla isn’t your usual Love Islander (Credit: ITV)

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But whatever her reason for taking part in the show, this sassy lass, who is as far from the Love Island blueprint as you can get, has strangely gone down a storm with viewers as she elegantly glides around the villa romancing – and then quickly breaking up with – Jonny.

Just who is Camila Thurlow who has enchanted us so?

Well, let Entertainment Daily give you the low down on reality TV’s newest princess.

She works for Halo, a mine disposal charity (Credit: ITV)

Who is she?

Usually, Love Island gals tend to be glamour models, receptionists or promotions girls. But Cam? Well, she’s a bit different from the other girls.

She’s VERY well-educated, studying at Fettes College in Edinburgh, the very same private school that ex PM Tony Blair attended.

And if you thought she was just a pretty face, listen up.

Not only has she got nine GCSEs at A* and three As at A-level, she also got a First Class honours degree in Sport and Exercise Science at Loughborough University, so she’s a bit of brain box.

Meanwhile, work wise, she manages to keep her clothes on and works in Explosive Ordnance Disposal for mine clearance charity Halo!

Er… really?

Camilla has snogged Prince Harry! (Credit: FameFlynet)

Love life

Well, she’s obviously on the look out for love, although we’re still not convinced she’s going to find Mr Right on this Island of himbos! Especially when you consider her previous suitors.

You see, this gorgeous blonde once swapped saliva with Prince Harry. Allegedly.

Yes, Prince Harry!

According to reports, she hooked up with the ginger prince after he split from Cressida Bonas a few years back.

And, don’t you know, she had the royal seal of approval because they were matched up by his cousin Princess Beatrice. Surely, you can’t get better than that!

However, Camilla is a very discreet young lady and doesn’t go around telling everyone about her liaison, which will no doubt come as a relief to Haz!

She doesn’t go around telling everyone that she’s snogged Prince Harry (Credit: Instagram)

In fact when she was asked what her claim to fame is by the show’s producers, she said her “proudest achievement was playing lacrosse for Scotland in the junior world championships”.

Last week in the Villa, when the guys and gals played Have You Ever…” the question “…slept with a celebrity?” came up.

Admirably, the one-time Miss Edinburgh ducked out of the question and didn’t say a thing. What a class act, eh?

In fact, it’s unbelievable this beauty is still single…

Camilla says she is most definitely looking for love as her mates are pairing up (Credit: ITV)

“I’m still young but I’m definitely at the age now where a lot of my friends are starting to settle down,” she said.

“I also want to put my personal life first, for the first time in a long time, and give myself the opportunity to meet someone.

What’s she been up to in the villa? 

Although she was possibly the quietest girl in the house, the guys were tickled by her elegant looks from the start.

Although she was initially matched up with Sam, it was thought that she and Harley might get it together.

Viewers had hoped that she and Harley would get it on – she evicted him instead! (Credit: ITV)

In fact, viewers were keen for the blonde pair to unite and branded them the perfect couple.

One keen fan actually posted: “Camilla and Harley would be the perfect couple 100% #loveisland

After an awkward first date she and Jonny hit it off (credit: ITV)

But that wasn’t to be and when Jonny strode into the villa, things changed.

Although their first date was a little bit awkward, Camilla began to fall for his laddish charms pretty swiftly.

And when it came to choosing between Jonny and Harley at the first villa eviction, she heartbreakingly chose to ditch Harley, even though they had struck up a close bond.

After a more successful date with Jonny it was clear sparks were flying.

But refreshingly, Camilla continued to play coy and admitted she wouldn’t kiss someone willy nilly. (How on earth did she get past the LI audition stage?)

But this kept us viewers on the edge of our seat, as we willed them to get to gather.

Islanders and viewers weer delighted when Jonny and Camilla had their first kiss (credit: ITV)

When Jonny licked her nose a few days ago, we were beside ourselves and when they kissed during a game of dare, we punched the air with glee!

Sadly the relationship appears to have run its course already.

In last night’s episode, she and Jonny had an in-depth discussion about feminism (yes, you’re still watching Love Island) and discovered that his views were very different to her own.

Disappointed that perhaps Jonny wasn’t all she thought he was, she broke down in front of the other girls.

Is the romance off after their spat over feminism (Credit: ITV)

“We just got onto a subject that probably wasn’t the right thing to be discussing necessarily,” she said.

“I’m such an idiot – this is exactly what I didn’t want to do – start liking someone before I get to know them.”

She added: “This is what happens when you move too quickly and then you find something out and you’re like ‘this could never go anywhere.’”

Camilla was upset that she had moved too quickly with Jonny without really knowing him (Credit: ITV)

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She also admitted that she regretted kissing him, because that was a big thing for her to do.

While viewers have really liked her along the way, they have now since been curious as to why she agreed to appear on the show in the first place if she was going to play so hard to get!

One said: “why the hell is Camilla in Love Island”

While another rather liked Camilla had brought a bit of intelligent debt to the show. “I think this is the most influential fallout ever on love island.”

A third asked if Cam knew what she was getting into, asking, “Did Camilla even know what @LoveIsland was about before going in? #feminist.”

Well, we love Camilla. We love her class, her style and her views. Camilla to win! What a reality revolution that would be.