Why has no one pointed out Keegan raped Louise in EastEnders?

It seems pretty obvious that's what happened

EastEnders have spent the week focusing on Louise Mitchell’s horror after Keegan Baker told the whole school they slept together.

But on the night in question, Louise had had her drink spiked and was so drunk she can’t remember it happening.

There’s obviously a high chance Keegan’s just saying it did to cause trouble, but if he isn’t, and they did have sex, Louise was obviously too drunk to consent.

All of which means, if it did happen, Keegan raped Louise. Yet no one seems to be pointing this out.

Bex was by Louise’s side every step of the way (Credit: BBC)

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Last night saw Lou accompanied to the sexual health clinic by her loyal friend Bex after hearing from bullies Alexandra and Madison that Keegan has chlamydia.

Sensibly getting herself tested, Louise was dismissive as Bex tried to reassure her she’d probably be fine. An upset Louise insisted she knew that she’d caught something from the schoolboy.

As Lou went in to see the nurse, she was nervous and upset, something which the nurse cottoned onto.

Louise was nervous and afraid at her appointment (Credit: BBC)

Even though she assured Louise that the results were all confidential, she could still tell there was something niggling the teen.

“Did you want to have sex with this person?” she gently asked. But the camera cut away before Louise could answer.

The sexual health worker was the first person to point out the issue of consent (Credit: BBC)

The next we saw, Louise was leaving the room and refused to tell Bex what was going on.

As Bex begged her to open up when they returned to the Square, Lou again refused to divulge what was going on in her head. Has the nurse struck a chord? Has she made Bex realise having sex without consent is rape?

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It seems pretty strange to us that no one before this point has suggested to Louise she was attacked by Keegan.

Bex is a girl who’s got her head screwed on and she knows right from wrong, so why isn’t she pointing out to Louise that what allegedly happened between her and Keegan was far from right?

Fortunately, it would seem viewers are more switched on than the EastEnders teens, with many posting on social media that Keegan has raped Louise.

There was another shock twist last night when it was revealed Keegan is part of the new Taylor clan.

The brash family moved into Number 23 on the Square and the other residents were immediately taken aback by their loud and abrasive nature.

Bex and Louise couldn’t believe it when they saw Keegan had moved in (Credit: BBC)

But it was Louise and Bex who were most stunned when they returned from the clinic and saw Keegan getting a telling off from his mum, Karen.

So there’s no way for Louise to escape her attacker with them living on the same Square. And now Sharon’s set to get involved, it’s all going to kick off…