Which ex Brookside star is set to cause havoc in Emmerdale?

It's soap switch time for Mark who is best known for his role in Brookie

Wouldn’t it be weird if, say, Dot Cotton went up to Manchester for a bit of shopping and ended up in the Rovers?

It’s always a bit of a mind-melt when you see old faces from soaps cross the divide into another famous street.

Now the actor Mark Moraghan has become the latest soap-traveller, making his way from Brookside to Emmerdale. He’s also been on Heartbeat and Coronation Street!

He’s joined the soap as Chrissie White’s biological uncle, Tim Richards.

Mark plays Tim who is going to try to ruin Lawrence (Credit: ITV)

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Mark is best known for appearing in Brookside in Liverpool: a soap galaxy now destroyed but never to be forgotten.

Mark is best known for playing Greg Shadwick in Brookside (Credit: c4)

He also popped up in Corrie as Eileen Grimshaw’s internet date as well as Holby city, Peak Practice and HeartBeat

Mark appeared in Corrie as Eileen’s internet date (Credit: ITV)

Tim is set to cause havoc between Lawrence and daughter Chrissie. The character will vow to take revenge on Lawrence making him Soapland’s latest bad boy.

The threat his character poses was made clear to Lawrence when he appeared on local radio and a mystery caller named Tim rang up to brand him a murderer.

Tim’s appearance may bring out Lawrence’s threatening side but it’s thought he might soften Chrissie who’s not exactly been an angel.

Chrissie wants to track down her biological family so meeting Tim will be very emotional.

Did Lawrence kill Chrissie’s biological father? (Credit: ITV)

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Chrissie’s been suspicious of Lawrence because he’s been acting so strangely and it looks like she’ll find out why very soon.

The first major clue was when she searched Lawrence’s phone to see the last number he dialled and found he’d hired Dean to find this mystery bloke, Tim Richards.

Never one to take anything quietly, Chrissie and Rebecca confront Lawrence, who admits that Tim is Chrissie’s biological dad, John’s brother.

Lawrence lies and tells her she can’t meet her uncle because the trail has gone cold but we can safely assume their paths will cross very soon and what then?

Speaking of his casting, Mark said: “I am delighted to be joining Emmerdale with its fantastic cast, crew and award-winning storylines.

“I’ve been given the exciting role of Tim Richards and I look forward to his arrival causing havoc for the Whites!”