Wah! Is Emmerdale’s Cain going to get killed off?

We do need some characters left, guys

After seeing the incredible way that Ashley’s leaving storyline was played out in Emmerdale, Jeff Horley AKA Cain says that he wouldn’t mind being killed off too.

This wasn’t the start of an epidemic guys! Calm down, we do need some characters left.

But don’t get too worried because Jeff’s comments were more about his love for strong, meaty soap storylines. But how he knows they can often end in the character dying.

“I always think they are good stories to give couples because you are also doing ­something a lot of people who watch can relate to or understand,” he told The Mirror.

“I always find those issue-based ­illnesses are good things.”

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Ashley died after a battle with Alzheimer’s and the storyline – and acting – was praised across the board.

Cain did have a health storyline a few years ago when he suffered an aneurysm but it came to a conclusion quite quickly.

For now though, Cain has enough on his plate with his new relationship with vicar Harriet – alongside mending his ways from being the ultimate soap bad guy.

“I think that is right,” he told The Mirror about his character’s transformation from bad boy into a male version of a vicar’s wife.

“I joined in 2000 and the character was meant to be about 30 – playing four years younger than me.

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“Now this character is in their 40s, we naturally mature.

“It makes sense he is not this grunty, solo maverick who lived at the top of the house at the Dingles’ and had no friends apart from his dad.”

Yeah but… he was quite hot when he did that, Jeff, so let’s not completely rule out a return to his old ways…